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Do you want to make a living doing meaningful work leading circles, workshops, and retreats?

At Sistership Circle, we’ve developed a business model where you can make a living while facilitating circles. And it all starts with this one strategy … this is the fastest and most effective way to “launch” your circle business.

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The 90 Day Launch process is the fast track to instant credibility, community, and making money leading circles.

This is for you if you are …

  • A go-getter, hungry for circles and ready to take action to create it locally for yourself and others
  • A 1 on 1 coach, healer or practitioner who wants to start facilitating groups
  • Currently running monthly circles and ready to uplevel your offer to build a business doing what you love
  • A connector who wants to utilize the network you’ve built to start leading transformational events

How the Program Works

This video course takes you step by step through the process that Tanya Lynn has used (and also mentored other women) to successfully put on a launch event, or what we lovingly refer to as the Launch Party. For best success, we recommend keeping up with the action steps for each week and have built in 2 integration weeks (Week 4 and Week 9) to make sure you don’t fall behind.

Weekly Training Modules

Each Module contains step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates and scripts, supplemental audio meditations and visualizations, and action guides designed to take you through the exact process to create your launch event.

Done-for-you Templates

Take the guesswork out with order forms, scripts, waivers, marketing copy and other templates … we make it easy for you to succeed!

Interactive Easy-to-Use Content

We know that there is a lot of information to digest and so we have broken it up into bite sized videos of 5-20 minutes. You also have playsheets that get in action working with the content.

Multi-media Training

We understand that different women have different learning styles so we’ve converted the training videos into audio and pdf formats to take on the run, listen in the car or at the gym. Our templates make it easier to get over fears and doubts about whether you are doing it right.

About Tanya Lynn, the founder of Sistership Circle

In 2009,  I put on my first event in San Diego. I had just moved back to my hometown from New York City and with only one friend supporting me, I put on the first Women 4 Wellness event and 30 women showed up.

A year later, I partnered with another sister and together we launched Tribal Truth, putting on a rockin’ launch party with 70 women.

Since then, I’ve put on launch events in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London without knowing a lot of people in those cities.

I’ve gone on to teach other women how to create their own launch events because they were so effective in building tribe and activating our business there.

If I could do it without any prior experience back in 2009, I know you can do it too. The difference is: I was winging it back then without someone showing me the ropes. YOU now have access to all the information I have gathered over the past 8+ years doing these launches to help you successfully put on a launch event and make a beautiful offering to the community to go deeper in circle with you.

I look forward to sharing this information with you to support you on your journey!

The Curriculum

Getting Started

In this module, we work backwards from your goals one year from now and get clear on the numbers for your launch.

  • Get clear on your 1 year, six month and three month goals
  • Map out your timeline and week by week action steps
  • Name your event and commit to a date
  • Solidify your commitment with a powerful ritual

Securing Your Venue

Once you commit to a date, it’s then time to secure your venue. Your goal by the end of this week is to sign the contract and BE ALL IN with your launch!

  • How to find a venue that matches your event
  • How big the room should be, how much you should spend, etc.
  • Other important negotiations you need to know

Bringing Partners On Board

What will make your launch successful is creating partnership and bringing what we call HUBs on board to attract a larger audience and lend you more credibility as a leader.

  • What distinguishes a HUB and how to find them
  • How to do a search using google, meetup.com, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Extending an invitation to the HUBs you find so they can yes
  • Setting expectations and giving your HUBs a win-win agreement

HUBs Continued

So that you don’t fall behind, use this week to get all of your HUBs on board, and breakthrough any limited beliefs that you are not worthy of receiving support.

  • Get all of your HUBs confirmed
  • Feel confident and excited about your progress
  • Breathe! You are right on track …

Creating Your Marketing Materials

Once you bring your HUBs on board, it’s time to create your event page, marketing materials and social media posts for your HUBs to share the launch with their communities.

  • How to take registrations
  • How to write the copy on your event registration page
  • What marketing materials you need to give to your HUBs
  • How to price your event
  • How to tell your story and claim visibility in the world

Designing Your Launch Event

It’s time to use your creativity and design your launch event so that there is connection, amazing content, and an offer for your circle program.

  • How to create connection and a safe container
  • How to incorporate movement
  • How to manage the energy in the room and keep it up
  • When to give your offer
  • Sample agendas that have been successful that you can model after

Designing Your Offer

Giving an offer in front of a group brings up a lot of fear, but knowing how to make it irresistible and feminine will make it more effective and easier to deliver.

  • When to give your offer and how to seed it
  • How to BE an invitation that is magnetic and attractive
  • The most common objections and how to use story to overcome them
  • What to put in your order form and when to pass it out and collect it
  • Watch a mock offer that I deliver so that you can see all the elements in play

Rocking Your Promotion Weeks

It’s time to get the word out there! Over the next two weeks, you are actively promoting the event and asking for support from your HUBs, friends and community.

  • The power of Facebook Live
  • How to create your 2-3 week marketing calendar for ease
  • Bringing on vendors to add more excitement
  • How to offer scholarships and fill the room
  • Other places to post and share the event

Promotion Continued

Use this week to continue promoting and fill your event. Overcome blocks around visibility and sharing your gifts with the world.

  • Dial up the promotion
  • Overcome fear of being seen and heard
  • Know what it feels like to play full out

Prepping the Week Before

Your event is next weekend and you want to make sure you are preparing everything this week and not waiting until the last minute.

  • Get a checklist of items to bring to the launch
  • How to inspire and align your team before the event starts
  • Do this with your volunteers so you aren’t stuck doing everything

Post Event Action Steps

Your big event is officially over and now it’s time to integrate and then follow up to fill your circle.

  • How to integrate the event with self-care and self-reflection
  • How to have 1 on 1 enrollment and registration conversations for your circle
  • How to continue to promote your circle program so it fills
  • How to take care of the women who registered into your circle program

Continuity and Sustainability

This is a launch and activation for the circle business model. Now it’s time to keep up the community engagement and build on what you started.

  • How to continue to keep up the community engagement
  • How to use monthly gatherings to build more momentum
  • Setting up for success instead of burn out

Past Graduate Testimonials

Is This Course Really Right for Me?

The 90 Day Launch will take dedication and focus. We recommend doing it when you feel a soul calling, a pull from deep within that can withstand any fear, doubt or worry. This is something that requires you to be ALL IN. With that said, the course material will take anywhere from 30-60 min a week. On top of that, the action steps may take anywhere from 1-5 hours a week.

No, you can do the 90 Day Launch without being certified or licensed by Sistership Circle.

However, only Sistership Circle Licensees can use our name and our 12-week circle program curriculum. 

We recommend using our license if you do not have your own curriculum and do not feel confident yet in creating one.  To become licensed, you must first pass the Level 1 Certification by taking the How to Lead Circle Program and then paying the licensing fee, which is currently a flat investment of $1000. You can see the full process here.

Not Licensed
If you are not licensed, you can still use this course to launch your own circle, we just ask that you do not copy any of the “samples” in the Playbook without permission.

That’s not a problem. In fact, women who have never led circle have successfully led a launch event. If you have the passion, excitement and determination to take action, then our step by step process will guide you to success.

If you have been leading free circles and want to start getting paid what you are worth, then this training will help you create value with a proven system and structure that women will have no issue paying for. We’ve had women join our training who had experience leading circles, but needed support with creating a sustainable business model. We’ve had hundreds of women happily pay to be in our circle programs and some say we actually do not charge enough for the amount of value.

No, we do not offer payment plans for a couple of reasons. What we have found is that when you do a payment plan, you will attract more women who have money blocks and won’t sign up for your circle. So it is the first step in you claiming your own self-worth and creating the space for women to also pay in full.

The second reason is that when you have more skin in the game, you value it more. We want you to be 100% all in and by paying in full, it shows your full commitment.

If you have any other questions or feeling resistance and really want to move through it, then we highly recommend emailing us at support@sistershipcircle.com so we can support you.

You can live in the “someday one day I’ll do that” conversation that most people succumb to, or you can cease the day, take the leap and thank me later for pushing you out of your comfort zone. Those who take action despite resistance are the ones who have the lives of their dreams. Our team has your back every step of the way to support you in rising up to your full potential and claiming this desire to feel empowered as a feminine leader.

Ready to go all in?

The women with most success as a facilitator take the leap of faith, trusting their inner guidance that led them to Sistership Circle in the first place. This is a huge opportunity to build instant credibility, community, powerful partnerships, and your circle business.

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