Art of Circle Facilitation

An Intensive Workshop to Initiate & Lead Circle

Fairfield, CT ~ Oct 11 – 13, 2019

Join Us Sister! Rise Up and Take Your Place.


Space is Limited & Will Sellout.
Early Bird ends August 31, 2019

Do you have a knowing that you are here on this planet to empower women and you see leading women’s circles as a vehicle to do so?

Are you ready to move beyond separation and disconnection to the new model of feminine leadership where we co-create real and authentic sisterhood on the planet?

If you are a woman who really wants to empower other women and you are passionate about bringing women together for deeper connection and growth, you are in the right place, sister.

The Art of Circle Facilitation Workshop led by the founder of Sistership Circle, Tanya Lynn, will give you the tools, training and hands on practice to feel confident in your leadership as a circle facilitator.

You’ll walk away with confirmation that THIS is your calling and a circle outline to use so you can immediately gather the women and lead them in circle.

After the completion of the workshop, you are invited to receive unparalleled access to an ongoing support structure and link arms with the Sistership Circle facilitators already initiating and successfully leading circle around the globe.

Rise Up Sister and Take Your Place in the Movement.


This interactive, intensive workshop has been designed to support you in believing in yourself as a circle facilitator. You will learn the Sistership Circle model of feminine leadership, reclaim your power, and make money doing something you love.

You’ll walk away with your first circle outline in hand as well as an opportunity to step into being a certified licensed Sistership Circle Facilitator so you continue to have the tools, support and platform to grow your circles.

Embody the top 5 qualities of successful feminine leadership

Practice co-creating circle and harness the transformative energy of collaboration

Successfully overcome the 4 biggest fears to leading circle

Increase your income while transforming women's lives in circle

Avoid the 3 biggest pitfalls facilitators make and save critical time and energy

Ensure your circle is successful and profitable with 5 techniques

Our Promise
Be empowered with these 4 success secrets:

Holding Space

Learn the subtle and critical art of holding safe and sacred space through the container, connection and new model of feminine leadership.

Circle Business Model

Gain the integral skills needed to fill and lead your circles while making a profit.

Develop Co-leadership

Gain plenty of practice co-leading with another sister guided by Sistership Circle Founder Tanya Lynn, and walk away feeling confident in partnership and collaboration.


Practice using your intuition so you walk away knowing how to lead from your body, not just your head.

Let’s make this the year that you finally have the breakthrough and put your circle on the map. It’s time to stop putting it off and take action with supportive loving sisterhood, experienced mentorship, and practice.

You have no idea how many women are seeking sisterhood and literally WAITING for you to make that announcement. Yes, women need YOU!

There is no better time for YOU to step into your role in this great opportunity and calling of our time…

the opportunity to be a feminine leader in this movement.

And you can do this from your heart, in a truly sustainable way that is fun AND deeply fulfilling.

So if you are a woman who is feeling this urgent call to lead and you are ready to take your first step…don’t hesitate another minute, this workshop was made for you.

The Schedule

You will experience how we open a solid container and then we will walk you through the elements so you feel confident in your ability to hold safe, sacred space.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the Opening Ceremony for immediate sense of belonging and safety
  • Distinguish the difference between a container that’s in integrity vs. wobbly
  • Create connection so the women feel real sisterhood with these exercises
  • Avoid the 3 Biggest Pitfalls that Facilitators Make
  • Generate Yourself in Your Power and Evoke Emotion

What does it mean to be a circle facilitator? We’ll dive into the keys that distinguish a master facilitator who has no problem attracting women to her circle, and then give you the opportunity to practice.

Key Takeaways

  • Gain clarity and focus by leading from your WHY
  • Distinguish yourself as a Facilitator vs. Coach
  • Shift from Performance to Embodiment for greater ease and grace
  • Create a healthy circle with The Withhold Tool
  • Practice using Circle as a Mirror to dissolve conflict

Leading circle is a way to grow your network, supplement your income and create authentic connection in your community. Claim your sacred role and learn how to put yourself out there as a Sistership Circle Facilitator.

Key Takeaways

  • Get comfortable in the uncomfortable with greater Presence and Vulnerability
  • Overcoming the 4 Biggest Fears to Lead
  • Practice Co-Leading to deepen into trust and own your value
  • Experience the “Crossing the Threshold Ritual” to feel empowered in taking action
  • Feel inspired to move forward with possibilities and support in the Closing Ceremony


Start Time

We’ll start at 3pm on Friday and 9am on both Saturday and Sunday.

End Time

We’ll end at 7pm on Friday, 6pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.


The workshop takes place at The Pequot Library, 720 Pequot Ave, Southport, CT 06890


Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided. We’ll break for lunch around 12:30pm with a map of nearby eateries.


A special 10% discount has been setup at the Circle Hotel Fairfield for the Art of Circle Facilitation Weekend Workshop from Friday, October 11th, 2019 – Sunday, October 13th, 2019. The special discount will be provided based on hotel availability. Reservations can be made by calling the hotel directly at 203-255-0491 and mentioning the Art of Circle Facilitation Weekend Workshop to receive a special rate. Reservations can also be made online by clicking here:


You will receive a beautiful binder with all handouts, notes and even a circle outline to use for your first local circle.

Private Facebook Group

We’ll connect you with other participants in a private Facebook group to arrange accommodations as well as stay in touch after the workshop.

About Sistership Circle

At Sistership Circle, we believe that the power of women gathering in circle is so great that this is how we will change the world. Our mission is to empower the leadership in as many women as possible on this planet.

We believe circle and feminine leadership go hand in hand … where we collaborate instead of compete, and celebrate each other’s greatness instead of putting each other down.

Imagine if there was a local women’s circle in every town all over the world. With a tribe of women behind you, you become unstoppable. Imagine a world with hundreds of thousands of women gathering in circle: feeling held, supported, and loved by one another. How might our planet be transformed for the better?

This is why we need women like YOU to say YES and become the leaders and facilitators of this movement… YOU are the catalyst for more circles to exist, and with YOU, we can help to create more opportunities for women to gather and support one another all over the world.

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