Feminine Freedom Retreat

November 13 – 20, 2021 | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The divine feminine

has been calling you here

The wild feminine is calling from the jungles of Costa Rica … whispering your name. She’s beckoning you to lean in and surrender to your heart’s desire to step into your truth.

At the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, a blue zone where people know the secret to living a relaxed and peaceful life, is a wild town called Santa Teresa.

Gorgeous sunsets. Perfect surf. Yoga on every corner. Dirt roads accessible only by ATVs. Crystal embedded hills. Monkeys howling from the trees. Syncing with the circadian rhythm of life.

This magical spot has captured the hearts of people from all over the world who are seeking soulful connection and the Pura Vida lifestyle.

Sacred sistership is gathering here and calling you in.

It’s time to unwind and rewild

For far too long, you have been the good girl trying to please everyone and do all the right things.

Your shoulders are sagging from the under the heavy weight of responsibility.

Your back stiff from holding it all together.

Your heart protected like a coiled knot to keep you safe.

The patriarchal conditioning has you trying to prove yourself as Wonder Woman, burned out and exhausted, stressed and busy, rarely taking a moment to tune into your own desires and needs.

The ground underneath you has felt shaky and unstable this past year, and inside you know things need to change.

You know there’s a different way to do life.

A new way that feels feminine and free.

And that’s exactly what you are about to discover at our Feminine Freedom Retreat.

An immersion into the sacred

There is something sacred about the “pura vida” lifestyle.

It’s pure, simple and alive.

It’s about communing with nature.

It’s what we deeply desire … to taste the delicious nectar of living on this beautiful planet.

It’s fully relishing this human experience.

Everything we do at this retreat is with reverence for the sacred.

We will immerse ourselves in archetypal rituals to invoke the various aspects of the divine feminine within: the mother, the queen, the wise woman and the wild woman.

We will drink cacao in sacred ceremony to open our hearts to receive the goodness that is all around us.

We will play on the full spectrum of this sacred life including touching on the pain and blocks that prevent us from living in flow. Costa Rica can bring up the shadow, but this is to give you access to the light.


Feeling free to be yourself, no longer caring what everyone else thinks of you.

Expressing your needs and desires without worrying about disappointing others.

Being fully grounded in your body, connected to your emotions, intuition and inner wisdom.

This is what happens when you immerse yourself in the wild feminine and receive her sacred earth medicine.

There’s no better place to do this than in Costa Rica.


Release — old patterns that keep you stuck in people pleasing, self-sabotaging, resisting and checking out of life. You’ll be guided through the Feminine Freedom Method to unwind and unravel the tightly coiled knot that’s been holding you back from your deepest desires. Liberate yourself from limitations.

Express — your full self without inhibition, worry and doubt. You’ll have opportunities for Sacred Play to explore your sensual, emotional, and physical expression to discover your truth in how you speak, move and create.

Feel — supported and held by the great mother and reconnect with her rhythms. You’ll sit in ceremony with Sacred Cacao to open your heart and receive the medicine from the wild feminine. Feel juicy, alive and ecstatic.

Trust — the power of Sacred Sisterhood to unconditionally love, accept and celebrate you as you step into your sovereignty. You’ll sit in Sacred Circle each day to share, connect, laugh and cry through this journey.

Indulge — in sensual delights and epic adventures as you increase your capacity to receive abundance and pleasure. We’ll have healthy delicious meals, plenty of massage, naked dips in the warm pool, anointing rituals, waterfall and beach excursions, ecstatic dance and a full moon ceremony.


Space limited to 18 women, double occupancy
Where we’re staying
Kaya Bloom, Eco-Lodge in Santa Teresa – Playa Manzanillo, Puntarenas, Costa Rica


Everyone will share a room with a sister to deepen into connection and partnership
How to get there
Fly into San Jose International Airport and take a small plane to Tambor Airport.
Take a 45 minute taxi to the Eco lodge
When we are gathering

Arrive on Saturday 11/13, depart on Saturday 11/20


$3500 per person, includes food, accommodation and activities/excursions (payment plan available).

All you need to pay for is your transportation and any shopping (because there are so many cute shops in Santa Teresa!)


Meet Your Facilitator

Tanya Lynn is the Founder of Sistership Circle, best selling author of “Open Your Heart” and “The Art of Leading Circle,” and host of The Brave Woman podcast. Tanya has spent the past 10 years sitting in and leading circles, training other leaders to master group facilitation and teach women how to step into their power and reveal their true selves.

After publishing numerous books and collaborating with some of the most respected leaders in the women’s empowerment industry, Tanya has been spotlighted as a keynote speaker at The Chopra Center’s Women’s Retreat and featured on numerous summits such as The Shift Network.

Tanya holds a B.A. from UC Berkeley and is a Certified Health Counselor from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. While living in New York, she was trained by top sales trainers in the financial industry, giving her diverse expertise in business, marketing, sales, facilitation, holistic health and community development.

She has put together The Art of Leading Circle Startup Kit, a step by step guidebook to help women fill, lead and grow their first women’s circle.

The Sistership Circle movement is dedicated to creating 1 million circles on the planet, the tipping point to end patriarchy, creating peace amongst people and harmony with the earth.

Tanya is the mother of two daughters Kali and Summer, and business partners with her twin flame husband Brent.

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