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Medicine of Circle

Create your Signature Circle Program: your 12-week transformational container that brings together your passion and unique skills with circle distinctions

turn your circles into a mission-driven business with a thriving community and make good money in the process by focusing on the Circle Business Model and creating a deeper transformational circle container as your primary asset

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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Pre-req: must have a) led at least 1 women’s circle, b) having an existing business (as 1:1 coach/healer/therapist), or a track record in another career

The Power of the Signature Circle Program

Your Signature Circle Program is what you become known for, creating a group container that establishes yourself as a well-paid thought leader because you are taking women through a transformational journey that’s more engaged, connected and intimate than any typical group coaching program (boring!)

It’s where you will put together ALL the multiple skills and modalities that you’ve cultivated over the years, essentially creating your signature body of work.

It’s the way you will grow beyond the one to one service model to impact more people in a deeply fulfilling way.

And it’s also where you will grow beyond monthly Sister Gatherings to make more money and turn your circles into a profitable business.

People typically think of Sister Gatherings when they think of circles. These are one-off, low commitment events like a monthly New Moon Circle. 

While Sister Gatherings are intended to build a supportive and connected community, they can be used as a gateway to take women deeper into the medicine of circle

That gateway is into your Signature Circle Program. The longer term container allows for women to go through a transformational process together. There’s more depth, more intimacy, and more lasting change because the medicine of the circle works on them over a period of time.

If you are only running Sister Gatherings once or twice a month, you’re not going to be very profitable, making maybe $1000/month at most (that’s if you have 25 women paying $20 for both full and new moon gatherings).

With your Signature Circle Program that promises a transformational process, you can charge $500-2000.

This is how some of our facilitators were able to start making $10,000 per program, while showing up only once a week.

Most coaches have no clue how to create a group program “from the feminine” and most facilitators get stuck creating more Sister Gatherings per month, burning out while experiencing a decrease in demand.

But in just 12 weeks, you will have your Signature Circle Program laid out with an outline for each week and the marketing materials tested and ready for enrollment.

Embody the Brave Woman

EXACTLY what it takes to embody the ENERGY of the woman who magnetizes a full circle – as much as $10k and up – and calls them in, anytime she chooses.

  • This is where we do the deeper internal work to give you the umph to move through any blocks, becoming aware of what gets in the way of you stepping into your next level of leadership so that you can fully own and claim it now.

  • We call this part of the curriculum the 9 V’s, and we’ll be doing “circle work” around these themes using the potent group share, visualizations, and rituals.

  • A transformational Signature Circle Program PLUS being the Brave Woman is the real secret sauce behind my clients’ success.

  • Imagine having a growing, thriving community of women cheering each other on, celebrating each other’s successes and encouraging each other to grow. That’s the new paradigm of sisterhood that you are creating … while getting paid what you are worth as a transformational facilitator because you are bringing your medicine to the circle.

You'll Walk Away Knowing ...

This Signature Circle program will integrate 1) what you are already doing in your business, 2) any new modalities that you have been trying to figure out how to weave in, and 3) circle distinctions and sacred facilitation.

  • How to integrate both regular “sister gatherings” and your transformational “circle program” into your business to create a value ladder

  • The intention and outcome of your signature circle program based on your unique medicine so that it feels aligned, inspiring and heart-centered

  • The messaging that will enroll your current clientele into this new circle program that speaks directly to their needs and desires, as if they have been literally been waiting for it

  • The power of your vulnerability and how to open your heart in an authentic way that gives women permission to go deeper in your container

  • How to stand out amongst the noise of “circles” and “women’s empowerment work” by being the real deal embodied circle leader who creates an authentic space

  • How to create rituals and bring ceremony to the container to make it safe and sacred while also not being overly woo if this feels new and edgy to you

  • The power of circle coming from your own visceral experience in one of Sistership Circle’s Signature Circle Programs as an example of what’s possible for you to model and make your own

Here’s what you get when you join the 12-week Program

Medicine of Circle

Receive Over $20,000+ in Total Value!

What Women Are Saying

Sarah – Washington D.C.

Rommi – Los Angeles, CA

Alice – San Diego, CA

Antionette – Perris, CA

You’ve always been a leader.

The one who others can count on, the one who has held it all.

You’ve been strong, determined and a high achiever.

Right now, you are working hard, doing the things, but it’s feeling off.

Your work feels a little meh, and you want to take it deeper.

You’re doing it all alone and you’d rather be collaborating and co-creating so that it’s more fun and inspiring.

Circle calls to you.

Something about it pulls you in. Like an ancient whisper, a remembering.

You’ve felt disconnected from this deeper part of yourself. Like it’s been hidden.

Circle is what you’ve been looking for, this sacred container to hold other women.

And secretly, you want to be held too. To have women have your back.

So that you can come out in a bigger, brighter way to do the work you were brought here to do.

It’s time to become known for your soul essence, and seen for your divine beauty and radiance.

Join Us Sister!

Circle Starts the Week of April 1st, 2024.


This event is for you if:

You know what a women’s circle is and you’re ready to start your first one in 2024.

You led a circle that wasn’t so successful, and want to learn how to hold the container better.

You are a healer, massage therapist, yoga teacher, coach, consultant, business owner who wants to start incorporating group work into your business and build community.

You have a 9-5 job and you are ready to transition to your soul work, which includes empowering groups of women.

The event is held on Friday March 15 and Sat March 16.

Each day we meet on Zoom from 9am – 2pm PST.

Absolutely! The majority of women who come to Sistership Circle have never led a circle before. We hold the space for women at all levels, with a current business or just starting out. All are welcome.

If you feel in any way that you want more from your circles … charge more, go deeper, more women … then yes, you will receive some insights and breakthroughs to uplevel.

Absolutely. We will talk about how to incorporate circles into your current coaching practice to create groups and build community.

While we encourage you to participate live to get the full benefit of the experience, we understand that some women may have a conflict due to time zone differences. All registered participants will receive the recording and have 10 days to watch it (unless you pay the full $97).

We are covering both the inner and outer work surrounding leading a women’s circle. Who you are being is just as important as what you are doing. The energetics inside the circle are just as important as the structure. So we will be doing release work, understanding feminine leadership archetypes, practicing being in circle together, doing rituals, talking about safe and sacred space, and much more.

Absolutely! There is no comparison between watching a video and experiencing it live (well, virtual, but you know what I mean). This is going to expand on so much of what you watched in the videos and take it to a more embodied level.

If you have been leading circles on your own and have hit a plateau, or are tired of being on your own and looking to collaborate and partner with other powerful leaders, then this training will give you the infrastructure to grow and be part of a global movement. We have senior positions available to become a trainer, which if you have been leading circles for a while, may be your next step. This event gives you a feel for who we are and what we stand for.

All sales are final. Non-refundable and non-transferable.

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