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Master Facilitator
Sun, Jul 21, 2019 | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm ACST | Adelaide, SA 5000 | $20

Awaken the Divine Feminine.

Women, as a whole, as a collective, have disconnected from what it means to be WOMAN and to be in our true feminine power. We’ve placed power outside of ourselves, above us, in others and in systems.

As a whole, we have disconnected from the power of our wombs and from the wonder, magic and pleasure of our vaginas.

We’ve essentially been living from the head up.

We have become disconnected from all the incredible gifts of the feminine. These gifts which live inside of us – in the same way that the Divine Feminine lives inside of us.

The Divine Feminine within has been shut down, repressed and suppressed … but today we say “No more!”

We can no longer hide.
Our world cannot wait.
The time is now.

It is time for us to awaken and rise.

Now is the time for each of us to rise up, for our Shakti to rise, for our lights to shine, for us to become more visible as we stand in our power and speak our truth.

We invite you into this circle to restore the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to bring our world back to a state of peace, balance and harmony.

Are you IN?

Come to circle and experience:

MEDITATION – to connect with the heart of Sistership Circle so you feel a sense of belonging

MOVEMENT – to embody your light as you rise up into your full potential and power

INTIMATE SHARING – with sisters so you can reflect each other’s brilliance and feel seen for who you truly are

RITUAL – to release the stories that have kept us shut down, stagnant, and asleep

CEREMONY – to create a new story of “She Rises” where we all rise up together as a collective sisterhood

What is most important is how we rise together as a collective.
Together in sisterhood we are stronger.
Together we will change the world.

Guest Facilitator

“Everyone deserves to live their most fulfilling life” is something you will hear author, speaker and personal development trainer Juliet Lever says.

After personally ‘relaunching’ her own life over 5 years ago leaving the corporate world to start her life coaching, personal development and retreat business Juliet is passionate about supporting people to live their most fulfilling lives.

You can gain inspiration from her best-selling self-help book ‘Relaunch My Life’ or tune in to her activating Podcast ‘Relaunch My Life Radio’ on iTunes.

A trained yoga teacher, Reiki Master, NLP Trainer and Resiliency Coach, who walks her talk, Juliet will inspire you to dig deep and find the treasure within you waiting to be brought into this world. Space is limited … Save your seat in circle for this transformational experience that will uplift, inspire and empower you.

Space is limited … Save your seat in circle for this transformational experience that will uplift, inspire and empower you.

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