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Alice Rost

Del Mar, CA | United States |

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Facilitator Tribe
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Jun 2017

Spiritual seeker, teacher, and devoted disciple, Alice Rost has been committed to transformation for over 50 years and feels like she is just getting started at 75 years old.

As a mother, grandmother, wife, and sister to many, Alice knows the importance of giving and receiving support. As a successful business owner with her husband who together built a thriving and dynamic business over the past 27 years, she knows the power of partnerships.

Exquisite self-care and her spiritual practice carried her through two cancers, which she claims are “quiet” while she lives a robust life.

The call of spirit along with her thirst for knowledge sent her back to graduate school as a well-established senior and earned her a degree in Spirituality and Holistic Health with a specialty in Transpersonal Psychology.

With so much life experience, energy comparable to a 30 year old, and a reclamation as a mystic and wise woman, Alice is on a mission to teach groups of women how to embrace their feminine power through Sistership Circles. She believes that by balancing the male and female energies within themselves, women will bring the balance of these powers into the world.

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