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Ana Sofia Lane

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk |

Hello there! I am Ana born in Venezuela and living in England after meeting my husband Dan in Australia. Together we have three children and live near Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.

My whole life has been a preparation for this moment… this movement in which I can bring together my passion for community, service and love of mother nature. Everything points to it, looking back is all clear to me… my longing was always this. A feminine way of working together, co-creating, a feminine way to build my life, a feminine way to serve. Mothering my children was the door that lead me to open the next door and the next until I got exactly here where I am now. So looking forward to share this with you.
How I lead my circles: purely by intuition! I draw from all sorts of inspirations, main stream, alternative, holistic, shamanic, goddess related, energy, chakras, native indigenous. It is a spiritual space, yet not religious, all are welcome and all are respected, after all where are in the same planet and ultimately we are all in service of love.

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