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Ann Hampton

Suisun City, California | United States |

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Apr 2018

There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don’t you? Rumi

Ann was born post American depression to a father who had lost everything. Poverty took a toll on the family and Ann knew homelessness as a child. At age 4, Ann went into foster homes, and lived in 6 homes before she was 6 years old. She experienced mental, religious, physical and sexual abuse and did not have a good home until she was 16. She learned to please and to take care of others.. She knew about suffering, and wanted to be part of the solution. She became a hospice nurse in S.F. She knew something was wrong as she had trouble with intimate relationships and felt a void in her soul, . She always knew that one day “she would heal with spirit”. At 58, Ann had a mystical experience in nature, and had a vision which lead her to the path of Vedic & Eastern philosophy. She became motivated to study Krishnamurti, Hinduism, Tantra, Tibetin Buddhism, Jung, and the Goddessness thru Egyptian Alchemy and quantum healing. At last, at last . . .she lit the light in her heart, and filled the void in her soul. Such joy needs be shared, and Ann, as a wounded healer and empath, found the perfect venue this past year when she was gifted a weekend in Women’s Uprising by Tanya Lynn. In search of women who were the ‘real deal’ and “authenically cared” about this world we live in. Ann found the magical power of sharing with other women and knew that Sistership Circles, was destined to provide support, bring us back home to ourselves & make a difference in our troubled world. This past year she has emerged as a facilitator in Sistership Circle. Ann says love and acceptance, is what heals, and that is the magic of circles. She also does some intuitive spiritual couseling, and forgiveness.

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