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Anna Fundin

Bollnäs, Gävleborgs län | Sweden |

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Mar 2020

In the silence of your own self, lies all answers. - Anna.

For many years I have felt a longing and a calling to something greater than my self. I was longing for something greater, a deeper understanding and a deeper connection to life and its source. I wanted to feel whole and I wanted my life to have some kind of meaning and direction.

I felt the call for truth and I wanted to get out there to get to know myself. I started to take courses in different yogastyles and personal developement, courses like: yinyoga, hatha, vinyasa, Iyengar, mindfulness, lifecoaching etc, to be more present and to understand the true nature of my existence and my purpouse in this life. I also started to feel more attracted to activities that felt nurturing and healing for myself such as chanting/singing, dancing and to spend time in nature. All this knowledge has given me the power to face lifes challanges more easy and to see the lessions from all situations. It has opened up more space to accept whatever happens within me and around me. It has given me a much deeper connection to myself, a sense of unity and wholeness. It has given me a sense of purpouse and most of all trust. Trust that everything is perfect the way it is, and that there is a great intelligence behind all of this.

The more I felt connected to my true self and the wholeness behind my conditioned mind, the more I wanted to share and meet other women in true sistership and to build a strong community. I longed to meet other in unity, to share our wisdom and to grow together in deeper understanding. I wanted deep and meaningful relationships with others, where we support and celebrate eachother. Where we can be truly authentic and ourselves. I wanted a community where there is space to explore ourselves and the power that we hold.

So I found sistership circle, a community full of love. Where women come together sharing our stories and wisdom. We support eachother through tears and joy. The amount of love, strenght, wisdom and clearity I have recieved in theese circles I will be forever greatful for. Now it is time for me to share this knowledge and the magic of circle with all beautiful women in my community. To create a strong, deep and meaningful relationship to ourselves, eachother and to our land. A connection full of peace, love, trust and unity. May the truth be known again and set us all free. Many blessings and all my love / Anna.

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