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Annette Pedersen

Sweet Home, Oregon | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Aug 2019

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do" — Brene Brown

Since High School, Annette has had the strong desire to have a close-knit sister-like community. As long as she can remember, Annette would tell you she didn’t fit in. In school, church, and well…life. She seemed to have different ideas than the norm and would challenge various schools of thought. And her fairy tale was that she just wanted everyone to get along and have “real peace on earth.”

Annette also struggled with self-esteem. She was chubby as a kid. She was bullied. She was picked last on teams. She ran with the wrong crowd because she felt accepted by them.

She loved playing the piano and was a very talented classical pianist which made her feel strong and confident.

Much later in life she still hadn’t found that sisterhood. Annette got married, had 4 beautiful children, survived some abusive relationships, had some good relationships, and came out of the “gay” closet when she was in her late 40’s.

In her late 50’s, Annette discovered several online women sisterhood communities. They were just what she needed. People who inspired each other to be better people. She longed to be a part of empowered communities of woman. Woman who get” her.

She spent time attending circles, taking wonderful soul led classes and courses and gleaned so many truths. With her people skills and life’s lessons, she know she wanted to serve humanity in her own little way.

Annette brings to SisterShip Circle, her strong passion of creative learning, problem-solving, creating community, and pursuit of her desire to have “peace on earth”. Finally, in her 60’s, she fits in! Lol.

She knows she has Crone wisdom! Annette looks forward to facilitating and leading many woman empowered SisterShip Circles! Her reason…well because she has needed them all her life and she knows many other woman are looking for this sort of community also.

Annette’s favorite things are:
Her 4 grown children- 3 girls and 1 boy, 7 grandchildren, her partner, her adopted funny pet bunny Chai and playful cats Esme and Chloe. She is always trying to understanding the art of gardening which is a slow moving and evolving process. Oh ..and Annette LOVES to change her furniture around all the time (a trait she took on from her loving mom!

Favorite Healthy Food: Fresh off the tree apples
Favorite Thing to Wear: Leggings
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Hot Fudge Sundae with nuts and whipped creme. Decadent!
Favorite Hobby: Learning to crochet again. Her wish is to finally complete a crochet project!

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