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Bess Bennett

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Master Facilitator
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Feb 2019

My name is Bess Bennett and I am a Natural Fertility Coach and midwife from Enigma of the Womb. I am passionate about all things menstrual cycle, fertility and womb related. This passion has evolved from my work and personal experience as I uncovered the magic and transformation that occurs when women are truly connected to their bodies, their intuition and their power.

Break out Circle:
Womb Magic

What if understanding our body and creating a connection with it (especially with our menstrual cycles & womb) is our greatest superpower as women?

It is our fundamental human right as women to understand our bodies and their brilliance. For so long we have been led to believe that our periods and cycles are messy, inconvenient, painful and just downright annoying. However, what if this isn’t the case at all?

This experience will help create a deeper understanding of connecting to your womb space, and support you to go with the flow.

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