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Breyanna Wilson

SEATTLE, Washington | United States |

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Mar 2020

You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens. - Louise Hay

From a very young age, Breyanna has been a helper. Because she never wanted to see anyone’s suffering, she did whatever she could to make another’s day better. After volunteering on Skid Row, she knew part of her purpose was to help uplift other people. During college, Breyanna spent an academic year as a Student Ministry Coordinator, where she supported students spiritually and emotionally. This was also a turning point for her as she saw her purpose in helping other women. When she found Sistership Circle, she knew her skills would be amazing in this community, where she could further uplift women. Ultimately, it was having a giving heart, and wishing to contribute to women’s lives that led Breyanna to Sistership Circle.

Breyanna treasures cultural diversity and wants every woman to know that they are welcome in her circles. It is with Sistership Circle that she wishes to experience different cultures so we all can see that we are all each other’s sister. She grew up without being seen and without sister bonds, which is the very reason she wants women to experience circle. She hopes to spread compassion, authenticity, love, and community to those who need it. Sistership Circle gives the perfect opportunity for that to come to fruition. She hopes to spread compassion, authenticity, and love to those who need it.

An avid enthusiast for speaking one’s truth, Breyanna can help you connect to your inner truth and express it authentically. To her, having a voice is the first step to showing up in your life. We as women have spent far too long denying our voice. And she hopes to change that wrong. It is her wish to lead you back to yourself. But also, it’s also essential that women live their lives fully. So, while Circle to Breyanna is a way to be vulnerable, it’s also a way to bring laughter, compassion, and understanding. She sees every woman where she is and accepts them with loving arms. And it is through being seen that we know we are alive. Remember: we are women, and we are powerful in our own right.

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