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Carol Rawlins-Waning

| United States |

Facilitator Level:
Master Facilitator
Member Since:
Feb 2019

Carol offers a powerful intuitive style of Reiki Healing, including Distant Healing and Angel Card Readings, while also incorporating her knowledge of Access Bars and the powerful technique of Isis Seichim. Carol is a Reiki Master and also shares her gift of healing by teaching others through workshops/courses in all levels of Reiki Healing.

Carol’s natural ability to connect with each individual on an emphatic and deep soul level guides you to understand your life lessons, awaken your spiritual understanding and journey toward ones true path. With genuine compassion and deep love for her clients she inspires you to learn the magical power of self-healing and enjoy your spiritual journey. Carol educates how activating the body’s natural healing process to restore physical and emotional wellbeing, channelling a positive mindset, as well as nourishing one’s body will help you become your optimal self.

Break out Circle:
Harnessing the Power of your Feminine and Masculine Energies

So your feminine and masculine energy this has nothing to do with gender… actually within us all are both masculine and feminine energies, it is important to recognise and learn how to harness this as you move through different stages of your life.

Yin refers to the female energies of receiving and feeling the divine masculine. Yang refers to the masculine energies of giving and nurturing the divine feminine. A balance of both energies is different for everyone, but essentially it is when we feel the connection from within allowing the opening of our fourth energy centre (the heart chakra). I look forward to sharing ways with you to open your heart chakra with a short meditation after a talk about balancing the Yin and Yang and connecting to both your feminine and masculine energies.

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