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Chanelle Rene

Rio Grande, New Jersey | United States |

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Sep 2020

The world needs you, your gifts and your light. Never stop shining, your soul so bright.

I didn’t realize how much I was craving community and real connection with other women, until I discovered Sistership Circle. But I was so afraid to show up in the world, protecting my adult self from the ridicule and judgement I experienced growing up. Just going through the motions and telling people what I thought they wanted to hear, avoiding conflict at all cost.

Until I couldn’t anymore.

Joining the ‘How To Lead Circle’ training program, provided a safe place to speak my truth, be heard and show up exactly as I am. The Sisters in my circle are a collective reflection of shared experiences and desires creating rich relationships. But the real power of Circle…is the ripple it creates in our world.

I use the Circle framework everyday. Allowing me to have tough conversations, asking for what I need, creating meaningful relationships, calling in my creativity to create new artwork, and embodying my feminine leadership.

As a professional artist, I lead circles from my ‘wise woman’ and ‘creator’ archetypes. Using creative rituals, I provide engaging experiences that invite women to go deep and awaken and connect with their intuition. I welcome you to join me in Circle 💜

– Chanelle Rene

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