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Christine Hanley

Waterloo, Ontario | Canada |

Facilitator Level:
Facilitator Tribe
Member Since:
Mar 2019

With love in our hearts, full gratitude in our days, we share our stories with authenticity, stand in our truth and power and listen with presence. We walk hand in hand with our SISTERS. Together we awaken the feminine power within ... and this is how we change the world. ~ Christine Cerson Hanley ~

I see you. You are me and I am you.

Christine’s passion for circle came during a time of deep healing. With a fresh start underway and new beginnings she began to understand that the real connection needed to grow from within. As she opened up her heart and started to trust, create goals and learn to put her healing first – the universe began to respond. Opportunities and events began to show up and natural health and healing became a top priority. Through the integration of essential oils and detoxing her life came a community of many new sisters and a new way of living and loving life. Upon discovering circles and empowered women; came the desire to re-create this safe, sacred space for others to feel held and supported so that they too could begin to awaken the feminine power within.

Come join us as we co-create, re-connect to our bodies, restore creativity and passion for life.

A global shift is happening and together we will awaken our feminine essence and gain momentum with empowered strength TOGETHER!

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