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Courtney Blaine

St. Louis, Missouri |


I found myself on a healing” journey in 2005, following my divorce to my best friend of over 15 years. It was through yoga that true transformation began that I decided to become a yoga teacher in 2006.  This journey lead me further down the path of awakening my healing gifts, and I became a massage therapist, energy healer, intuitive reader/coach, crystal healer, and certified coach.

In my sessions, I use a combination of ancient wisdom healing practices partnered with my healing modalities and energetic processes to assist women to move into deeper self healing, awakening to the actualization of who they truly already “BE” and to begin living out their dream life and Divine purpose.  My circles are grounded in awakening the Divine Feminine within.

In regards to Sistership Circle ~

I truly believe that Sistership circle came into my life as an answered call to a prayer.  I had just returned from a powerful sister’s retreat that I was co-facilitating when Tanya’s email, ad….honestly, I don’t know what it was just “showed up.”  It was the perfect timing, because I had left that event feeling triggered and I knew that I craved a deeper connection and intimacy amongst women. I had a strong desire for leading circles to create a deeper connection to myself and other women in the circles I was participating in and facilitating, but lacked the structure or a true “know how” behind the facilitation.

While in the How to Lead Circle program, I began to understand or see how deep this sister wound is, culturally and for me the awareness has been that it’s ancestral.  Pulling back this “veil”, and allowing for true healing and connection with other women, lights me up so much ~ I didn’t even realize this passion was so deep within me.  This program definitely awakened so much in me.  I feel clearer in my purpose and mission to facilitate healing and connection with women while awakening the divine feminine within.


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