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Dana Dapolito

Reno, Nevada |

I love this work. It is a passion developed from my own personal experiences in the saddle and in life - from learning how to gracefully address my own disappointments, frustrations and heartbreaks, how to consciously grow into my highest, most abundant self. I am so humbled and honored to open the doors of growth and introspection for others, holding a sacred container in which they may do their work and come to know their selves.

Dana Ann Dapolito is a Peak Performance and Transformational Energy Coach, owner of Ten Simple Steps and Performance Energetics, author of Ten Simple Steps: Success. Simplified., and creator of EquiTations: Guided Visualizations for Excellence in the Competition Arena.

Dana brings over 15 years of professional facilitation experience, and is a Certified Success Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Spirit of Golf Instructor, and Sistership Circle Facilitator. She firmly believes in continually deepening her own growth edge so that she may facilitate others as they dance on theirs.

Through Performance Energetics, her mission is to be a trusted, leading edge resource in the competitive equestrian community, delivering programs and products – founded in conscious coaching practices and techniques – which educate and facilitate riders and trainers in understanding the role that energy and emotion play in training and competition. Through this work, she believes that riders can elevate their relationship with performance and competition and – ultimately – deepen the bond with self and their equine partners.

Through Ten Simple Steps, Dana is an advocate for life by design instead of life by default, knowing that the combination of personal exploration, energy work, and coaching sets people on the path to identify, embrace, and embark on a phenomenal life journey. Her mission is to be a trusted, leading edge resource in transformational energy coaching, delivering consciously crafted programs and products which result in enhanced self awareness, personal development, goal attainment, and growth.

Dana’s primary coaching platforms include vibrational energy, emotional intelligence, creative visualization, and the circle experience. Her style is very practical, pragmatic, and forthright – while providing a safe, supportive, and sacred space where her clients can work on discovery, learning, growth, and connection.

Why I choose to lead Circle:

Sistership Circle came to me at a time of transition. As a budding -preneur, I had committed to my training, engaged with business coaches and spiritual mentors, participated in masterminds. And, as the adventures of creating my businesses have unfolded, what I have come to know is that having a solid support system is critical to our development, our growth, our well-being, and our prosperity.

Whether you are a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, an entrepreneur, a competitor, a coach – Sistership Circle is powerful, transformative medicine.

Tanya’s program and structure is beautifully crafted and it immediately resonated. As I have gone deeper into my facilitator training, what I have realized is that Sistership Circle is a place where we can express ourselves fully, without fear of judgement. It is a place where we can heal what wants healed in ways that transcend the typical kibitzing with the girls.

It is a place where we get to take a long and loving look at the way we show up in the world – and I am honored to share this space with the amazing women who choose this journey.


“You are the epitome of growth mindset.”

“I had a wonderful experience working with Dana. Her unique and holistic approach led me to powerful insights, gave me a new focus, and truly helped me define success, self-betterment and self-love. Her empathetic and encouraging attitude always made me very comfortable trying new techniques like meditation and Reiki. These were a terrific complement to our sessions, which were varied and comprehensive. She really believes in what she does and you will feel it!”

“Thank you for the visualization… You have a real gift.”

“Dana, thank you for the leadership, heart and soul and the huge contribution you have made to us all. It was a beautiful journey and I have much gratitude for this virtual creation. It’s wonderful to feel so connected with women from all over the country and the support was amazing.” – Lynn

“Dana, thank you for your divine leadership, energy and the gifts that you brought to our sacred space. Thank you for the gifts of connection, self expansion, awareness, sistership and soul level connections. Thank you for bringing attention to parts of me that have been neglected and are craving reconnection and attention. Thank you for helping me see what areas of myself need to be more nurtured and loved. Thank you for holding unconditional loving energy for me to be seen, heard and acknowledged in a safe and comfortable place. Thank you, Dana, for sharing ALL of you. I learned so so much through you on a soul level that will be cherished forever! Thank you for all the beautiful meditations and exercises that opened the gateways for deeper awareness and healing around all selfies ~ self love, care, acceptance, worth, forgiveness…” – Lisa

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