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Debbie Prediger

Cadogan, Alberta | Canada |

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Mar 2019

Everything is possible. Your dreams, your ideas, your visions are all just the Universe's way of kick-starting you to believe in yourself and get out of your own way so it can happen. Dare to Dream again...let me show you how in one of my circles.

I live in Alberta Canada, on a ranch in a small rural community. I’ve always loved traveling, learning, and connecting with others. I absolutely love photography, cultural and adventure travel, hiking, kayaking, and fishing. I worked in healthcare for over 15 years and have always loved supporting people’s health and wellness journey’s. I believe in holistic health whenever possible balancing that with a deep respect for doctors and specialists when we need them.
I believe that Emotional health is one of the most important parts of complete wellness and I am on a mission to have every man, woman, and child understand that they have the “tools” within themselves to have healthy positive emotions.
Distractions such as overworking, anxiety, depression, numbing out with drugs, alcohol or other addictive activities are our souls telling us something isn’t right. When we are truly aligned and balanced we don’t sabotage our bodies, our minds or our souls.
Emotions are an excellent guidance system, they help us be aware of what is going good in our lives and what we aren’t tolerating. Awareness is the first step towards creating our ideal life, we must be aware it is happening and secondly, we must choose to change it. What will you no longer tolerate in your life? It takes being honest and vulnerable with yourself.
I speak about this anywhere there is interest…I believe our souls will help guide us if we learn to “listen”. For me, journaling opens up my intuition in a huge way.
I channel the purest form of wisdom when I am “listening”. For me Journaling or free writing allows me to make sense of the wisdom or guidance I am channeling. To bring clarity into my life. It will for you too.
I use many healing modalities to empower others to “find” and “listen” to themselves and honor who they are while believing in their highest potential.
I believe that we are all here in this world, with God-Given gifts and talents. We are designed for greatness and a purpose. I love helping people discover their purpose. I have a workshop that I call “Dare to Dream” and I absolutely love watching people journey through this awakening to their hearts desires and move forward in their lives with confidence and ease. The possibilities are infinite when you learn to “listen” to your heart and soul.
I am a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner where I use Essential Oils to help “listen” to our inner selves and to reset the limbic system in your brain. We often get locked into fight or flight mode…leaving us exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Through sessions either in person or online via Zoom software, I am able to guide you through an amazing process where you leave negativity mindset behind and move into the growth, healing, and possibilities of abundance in all areas of life. As you can tell I am very passionate about this technique. I host workshops, seminars, and healing circles as well as retreats. I help you let go of what is holding you back and truly getting out of your own way so that you can have the life you deserve and have always known deep down as possible.
I am so passionate about helping you recognize your possibilities. I hope you will join me in one of my programs to find what is possible for you.

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