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Deborah Harlow

Palm Desert, California | United States |

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Feb 2018

"I learned that a wonder woman with a full cup only doing what she joyfully said yes to is a universally different powerful force than a kickass woman struggling to live up to her yes from an empty cup."

… find joy in the journey … those words became my survival technique when at the tender age of 12 my father had a massive stroke and our family went through a complete transition where I went from child to adult overnight.

Prior to my father becoming ill, we had lived and traveled throughout the world. During those travels I saw and experienced the gatherings of communities, in particular women coming together, and the importance of those gatherings never left.

As I continued on into adulthood one of the most important aspects of what I considered to be a successful life was community, the circle of friends and family that made the journey beautiful and the ordinary moments gorgeous, and I continued on the tradition of women gathering together by hosting potlucks, retreats, dinner parties … you name it, we did it and it became medicine for not only my soul but that of the women who joined me.

In 2009, I took the leap of faith to travel into a new journey of life becoming a wife, stepmom and mom and relocated away from the San Francisco bay area to southern California. I launched a consulting and coaching business bringing to the table my 15 years of corporate project management and events experience.

Early on in my journey of entrepreneurship I realized my world seemed to be spinning faster than I could manage. I was burnt out, stressed out and my joy factor was gone. My business dictated what I did and when and every aspect of my life suffered.

In 2016 I was in an accident that left me bedridden for 4 months. During that time I journaled intently to discover my why, explore what really brought me joy and mapped out a process for staying rooted in that discovery. Through intensive coaching and healing spiritual work, I was able to release and heal physically, mentally and emotionally. I learned to acknowledge the various parts of myself and truly hear the messages my body was sharing… “Slow down, find joy, be you!”.

I learned that a wonder woman with a full cup only doing what she joyfully said yes to is a universally different powerful force than a kickass woman struggling to live up to her yes from an empty cup.

I carried this knowledge with me into my consulting and coaching business and realized that what I had been feeling was not unique. Each and every woman I spoke with felt alone and overwhelmed and fearful of how to navigate yet another moment of change in her life.

The woman I am today I never imagined was possible yet intuitively always knew was there. I now see the path I am meant to travel and understand that everything I’ve ever done has led me to this point in the journey.

I knew that my desire for community, roots, connection and healing is felt by so many, so I released what did not serve me in order to serve others. I took my years of event planning and being a caregiver and bundled them into experiences for women, caregivers, mothers, young girls and CEO’s alike to be held in sacred space to share, heal, grow, be seen and heard.

How might life have been different if there had been a place for you? A place to be seen and heard. Imagine a space where you are held and supported. Imagine having time to tune in, time to reflect and time to explore your truth. Imagine feeling clear, confident and committed to your desires. Imagine no longer traveling the journey alone.

Those words of my childhood, find joy in the journey, echo truer than ever in my ears today as I guide women in sacred circles to explore and express themselves in a safe space. As your heart sherpa, I invite you to join me on this journey together.

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