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Denise Cruci

Brooklyn, New York | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 2 Certified
Member Since:
Jun 2020

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. - Aristotle

2020 was a year full of challenges. One of the many challenges Denise faced was reframing who she was going to be. She knew in 2019 that she was going to have her fourth major hip surgery which likely meant teaching young children was going to come to a close. She thought about what she loved to do – teaching; facilitating spiritual experiences for people in circle; and, writing erotica – and how to make a career out of it. With her general sense of optimism, curiosity, and good sense of humor she set out to research and incubate ideas.

Cue Sistership Circle! In June of 2020, Denise saw in Sistership Circle the opportunity for her to offer a safe space for women to feel more empowered to dive deep in order to live more happy and divinely connected lives upheld by the hands and hearts of sisterhood. It is through our web of relationships that we are stronger together.

Denise is spiritually drawn to the Norse/Germanic traditions where, among other interests, her focus is on oracular spae/seidhr; shamanistic trance and journey work; honoring and working with the Ancestors and the nature spirits/spirits of place; and love magic. As a founding member of the spae group Bjornsal, this group of women offered oracular spae at East Coast Thing, the Starwood Festival, and Sirius Rising at the Brushwood Folklore Center , as well as at private events. She has also performed in two heathen rituals in which Freya, her patron deity, spoke through her.
As a High Priestess of North Wyldewood Coven & co-Founder of the North Wyldewood Tradition, a NYC-based Wiccan coven, Denise has been teaching and facilitating open and private rituals for over 20 years. The Tradition has an extensive curriculum from beginner Grove classes through earning a Third Degree. It was in this forum where Denise, a lover of learning, learned she loved to teach.

Professionally, she is a NYS Licensed Teacher with a BA from Bradford College majoring in Creative Writing and a MsEd from Hunter College in Elementary Education, as well as credits towards a Special Education extension on her license. She taught the elementary grades in NYC public schools; preschool in a special education school for developmentally delayed children especially those on the Autistic Spectrum; and, preschool at a small private, progressive-education school in Park Slope, Brooklyn. 

Her play passions – something we do to recharge and feel good – include: walking in nature whether the beach or the mountains; meditation; dancing; painting, crafting and beading; fire escape gardening; writing, reading, & listening to Audible (because who doesn’t love being read to). She is a born and raised resident of Brooklyn, NYC. She lives with her steamfitter, DJ-ing boyfriend JR and their adorable blue-nosed pittie, The Duchess.

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