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Diana Benvenuti

Asheville, North Carolina | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Apr 2019

Every woman can begin to heal her sister wounds and journey along the path to fully embody being the Love of her Life. She who chooses to explore the realms of possibilities shall embark on her life path illuminated with hope and wonder. Whatever it was that occurred to spark her interest to look within herself, once triggered cannot be dismissed, it will continue to bubble within her until, alas, she begins to listen to her heart and dances with life embracing her wholeness. For she who heals her sister wounds will be the spark that helps heal all her women ancestors that came before her, the women whose lives she touches in this embodiment and all the women that will come after she has transcended beyond the veil. - Diana Benvenuti

As the “Queen” archetype Diana wants to make a difference that creates a big impact and changes the world within her local community in Asheville, North Carolina and on a global scale. That is why she joined Sistership Circle and became a facilitator. Her belief is that if women can gather together in a consecrated space, magic can happen. Women can learn to trust one another, share from their heart without fear of judgement or biases therefore drawing in closeness and bridging differences that leads to healing the sister wound. As women hold loving, supportive energy for one another in circle gatherings we transform our lives and learn to trust ourselves and one another expanding self and sister love and appreciation. The potential for healing is powerful, empowering and without limits.

Diana is a spiritual being and student of life, a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt and friend. She has been in the medical/legal field of work for 25 years and has also explored working in public schools as a job coach and interpreter. Her passion for helping others and having compassion for all is apparent in all that she does in her work and personal life.

She is a native of Merida, Venezuela, the daughter of immigrants from Colombia and Venezuela that came to the U.S. when she was 4 years old. Early on as a child she was exposed to a life experience embracing the American culture she was brought into while simultaneously facing discrimination and exclusion within her school and community while growing up. As a result of these experiences, she worked on healing the wounds and developed a heart of compassion for all beings and learned to keep her mind and heart open.

Diana is a yoga teacher and focuses on gentle and empowering yoga asana sequences drawing individuals who want a teacher who is akin to them and can identify with their needs in a small class setting where she can give each student personal attention. She has degenerative discs and arthritis in her spine and underwent (lumbar) back surgery in 2001 after exhausting all alternative methods to healing. These conditions and managing the pain and other symptoms that comes from them as well a deep desire to learn as a spiritual being in a human form is what made her seek yoga, become a teacher and help others along the path.

She is, in large part, of native Colombian indian ancestry and was drawn early on to the indigenous shaman way of healing and journeying and has been exploring through shamanic journeying for many years. She also practices Bhakti yoga, Nāda yoga and meditation. She loves chanting and attending kirtans and kirtonica. She is a huge fan of Krishna Das, MC Yogi, Snatam Kaur and Jaya Laksmi and Ananda.

You will find her hiking in the mountains, swimming in a river or lake and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible or attending a local yoga class, kirtan or sound healing in Asheville and beyond. She looks forward to meeting you and sharing in circle!

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