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Diana Nieves

Nutley, NJ | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 2 Certified
Member Since:
Mar 2018

When you let go, you let the Divine. When you let the Divine, you let Love. When you let Love, you are Free. Be Free to Love. - Diana Nieves

Diana Nieves is an Inner Passion Alchemist and a Sacred Circle Leader inspired to help you embrace the fiery and vibrant power that dwells within you so you can live a limitless life. She will compassionately guide you to get real with your emotions, behaviors, and beliefs that keep you repeating stagnant and even painful stories. You will unveil the authentic and fabulous you in an accepting, loving and supportive sacred space. Diana is the creatrix of a world where you transform your wildest dreams into reality through the use of rituals (dance, laughter, connection, meditation, etc.), earth elements (crystals, candles, music), potions (essential oils), spells (intentions and affirmations), and worship (action steps to loving yourself and your life). You will express your heart’s truth, connect to your passion and feel alive!

Diana has been right where you are in this moment. She was frustrated about her life because of various challenges she was facing including filing for a divorce and bankruptcy, becoming a single mother, being laid off from a high profile job and manifesting a physical ailment. Truth be told, Diana felt scared and alone until she learned to embrace her “secret mess” through circles of connection and sisterhood. Diana has transformed her life into a magical playland where she lives out loud as a divine feminine leader.

Diana is the creator of the Being Open to Love Sacred Circles and Leadership Programs, the heart-centered Love Jones online community and the ebook, “No: A Simple Word that Can Change Your Life.” She is a psychic intuitive whose strongest senses are claircognizance, clairsentience and clairempathy. Diana is Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and received her Master’s degree from New York University. She has acquired certifications in Positive Psychology Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitation, Infinite Possibilities Training, Reiki Master and Teacher, Quantum Touch, Vibrational Medicine, Spiritual Response Therapy, Soul Coaching® Master Oracle Card Reader. She is also a Universal Life Church Minister, a Red Hot Visionista Leader and a Sistership Circle Level 2 Facilitator. Diana’s articles have been published in Wisdom Magazine, Inner Realm Magazine, Self-Growth.com, LOVEolution.com, and the book “Navigating 2012.”

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