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Edwina Nearhood

| Canada |

Facilitator Level:
Master Facilitator
Member Since:
Feb 2019

“Out of the Box”

Edwina is a community builder. Her journey has offered many life experiences and teachings. Many women along her path held a beacon of light for her to find her way. She is now blessed to pay it forward. As a wayfinder she was able to become a warrior – trading in victim thinking to engaging the power of a woman. Strong women build one another up in support. When asked what it she does, the reply was don’t put me in a box. As a woman who wears many masks to function in day to day business environment, she has learned that there is so much strength in vulnerability. When introduced to the concept of the Sisterhood Circle Edwina knew right away this was a way to support all women in their own evolution. Can you bravely say that the worst thing that has ever happened to you turned out to be the best thing? What does it look like facing death in the eye every day? Easy – you get to live life to the fullest.

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