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Erika Busch

Kelowna, British Columbia | Canada |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Oct 2018

You will be too raw for some, You will be too loud, too big, too fierce, Too quiet, too deep... These are not your people... S.C. Lourie

Erika hears the call of the wise woman: embracing the darkness, slowing down and listening to her intuition for what’s called to speak about in circle. She holds space for the truth, for the women on their journey that has brought the awareness of something inside them… is nudging them, a rising knowing that there are parts of themselves undiscovered.

As a circle leader, she is passionate about all aspects of this journey; it was through the fog and darkness that led to her own awakening.

She is doing ‘all of this’ for women that feel like they’ve diverged somewhere from their path, or are wandering, or fell asleep and don’t know how to wake up. This might feel like a hot + messy soup of emotions, maybe a bit of a crash landing, but the importance is taking the time to honour yourself.

This space is for women that are left wanting a connection with compassion, an interest about shared wisdom and curious about a journey within and with others.

Erika is a woman that found herself leading circles as a way of finding her people. She became a doula and studied yoga teacher training to pursue an intimate connection with the mind, body, and spirit. She sought out female friendship and connection, ultimately wanting deeper meaning.

She deeply honours the conscious awakening of womanhood + sisterhood. This is a passage from self to sisterhood and sorting out “who am I” inside of all versions womanhood.

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