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Francena Marie Hancock

Jonesboro, Arkansas | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Aug 2016


Francena Marie Hancock

Francena Marie is the 5th generation in a lineage of, Francenas. Each of them an empowered and slightly eccentric woman.

Her special gifts empower and energize her Circle Sisters through the healing power of the heart. She helps us to access a new perception of our own health, inner beauty and abilities. She says that “assisting others to improve their wellbeing; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, is a great joy”.

“Light-hearted” describes Francena Marie’s presence. Through her gentle and compassionate leadership, she strengthens us to go deeper into our Selves. There we can release our own Love, Light and divine Knowing.

She is a Reiki Master/Teacher of Essential Reiki since 1996, a Master/Teacher of Essential Energy Balancing and Karmic Release since 1998, a Voyager Tarot Consultant, an ordained Minister, a Mage and Seer.
Beginning this year she is also a Circle Facilitator and a Spiritual Transformation Coach. She says her “journey here has been long and circuitous, over 40 years, and delightful”.

“Francena Marie has a heart of gold and it shines through in her leadership. Her wisdom is one to run after, as there aren’t many leaders as authentic as her. I’m so grateful to have been in a circle she led, everyone should try it out!“

Rae Irelan

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