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Giovana Restino

London, | United Kingdom |

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Facilitator Tribe
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Sep 2019

This empowerment circle and celebration is held by Giovana. Supporting, inspiring and anchoring the divine feminine within each of us. Supporting your personal, emotional and spiritual development with love and growth, in a safe and loving space. You are inspired into stepping grater and grater into your highest potential with the support of the structured and naturally flowing Divine Feminine Empowerment circle. Collectively connect with amazing shining women, creating beautiful bonds, rejoicing in our strengths and our potentials for growth and standing in your power, strong together. Because together we rise! This circle is for empowering women to shine our divine light, lighting the world one heart centred connection at a time. Together we rise! Come join this gentle supportive, growth empowerment and celebration circle. Giovana is are honoured to provide a safe, loving and inspiring space for women peers. Joining together to support and inspire one another in circle, as we have historically done for thousands of years, in ancient cultures alike. Together, in circle we rise. With divine love and the light of Grace, Giovana, I look forward to seeing you in this circle empowerment and celebration.

With over 7 years of training and experience, Giovana is a Natural Holistic Harmony Coach and Consultant and Alignment Coach (Holistic Health Coaching and Consulting, Personal Development & Soul Path Coaching) supporting individuals to ‘Shine Your Light’!
She is in a mission of living in complete alignment and flow, connected and fulfilling her soul mission, guided by Grace, aligned within sovereign Divine feminine wisdom. Committed to her soul path of sharing divine unconditional love and the universal light of Grace and in supporting other beautiful souls to shine brightly as their sovereign authentic selves, in their individual soul mission. Supporting others to SHINE YOUR LIGHT is Giovana’s soul mission, and this comes into to divine sacred circle as we together as women stand in our divine power and shine the light within our beautiful hearts, lighting up the world, one divine spark filled heart at a time.

This creates a legacy of light that lights up the universe.

With divine love and the light of Grace.

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