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Havalah Collins

Los Angeles, California | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Oct 2019

We have the power to uplift our world! As within, so without. As above, so below. As we tend to our inner landscape, heal, and reveal who we truly are, we become all that we came to be here and now on this planet earth. Let us rise together, renewing the Divine Sisterhood that heals all. Blessed Be! -Havalah Starlight

Havalah Starlight leads sacred circles that are welcoming, healing, joyous, and playful. Her depth of experience as a facilitator ensures a safe, loving container for all who attend. Havalah weaves in movement, songs, and a guided meditation so you will have a personalized experience that is meaningful to you. So, no matter what you are facing in life, the circle welcomes you to come and be bathed in the loving waters of sisterhood.

Havalah has been studying and practicing earth-based spiritual practices for more than twenty years, while leading ceremonies that honor the ebb and flow of the moon, and of the seasons. As a founding member of The Wisdom Council of the Starlit Well, she collectively leads monthly full moon ceremonies by the sea (Topanga State Beach), incorporating the council’s diverse background in earth-based spiritual practices. Havalah is currently training in Orion Foxwood’s Faery Seership program, and she is a student of Ladamira Peaceful (Siberian shaman). Both teachers are sharing with her 5,000 year old spiritual traditions!

Havalah Starlight will be opening a new apprenticeship program for a select group of women in January 2020, and is currently offering free consultations for women interested. Contact her for details: transforminglivesdaily@gmail.com

As a leader in the Divine Feminine Rising movement, Havalah’s Sacred Sisterhood Apprenticeship Program is perfect for women ready to dive deeply into the next year in a truly transformative way!
You will belong to a collective of Goddess Sisters, and will witness your year unfold with magick, miracles, and transformation! If you have a secret desire to write or share your story, you will also have an opportunity to have your story published in a book at the end of 2020!

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