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Heidi Rome

Livingston, New Jersey | United States |

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Mar 2018

I have this quote by Mike Dooley taped onto my computer: "If you can imagine it, you can have it, Heidi. This is the name of the game. This is the lesson to learn. It couldn't be any easier. Reality is not what your eyes show your mind, but what your mind creates for your eyes to see. You are not limited by logic, the past, or the world around you. You are not of the world around you. You are supernatural, pure spirit. "You came first. Magic, miracles, and luck are the consequences of understanding this, the inevitable result of dreaming and acting in spite of appearances. "You are ever so close. Simply stay the course. It won't be very much longer." Soul power, The Universe

I was born to share my own journey of transformation with you, sister moms of kids with autism spectrum disorder. Your mission is to get your special kids’ needs met; would you agree you’re a bit obsessed? My archetypes are Nurturer and Alchemist, with some Sage thrown in for good measure, and my life purpose is to take your hand and ease your way on this difficult, divine journey. My younger son, Ethan, now 13, has severe autism and is virtually nonverbal. With his minimal spoken language, his scary outbursts, and his snuggly behavior of a much younger child, many have assumed through the tough years that he can’t have much to say anyway. Years of research, trying everything and anything that might help, so much money, effort, travel, and hope–and still my child painfully struggled while I watched in helpless anguish. However, his unexpected typed message of encouragement and sacred purpose a year ago jolted my mindset from despairing resignation to joyful wonder and action. Once I let go of fear and chose to embrace my role as Lioness Mother, to stand in the love and power of my soul’s chosen responsibility, Ethan’s behaviors began to resolve, he became happier and more peaceful, and miracles started to show up right and left. Learn from my system; avoid my mistakes; take back the joy meaning in your life. You are not alone. I am waiting for you. Join me and your other sister autism moms for a new beginning and vibrant future for your child, and yourself. www.msonj.com

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