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Jannette MacKinnon

Punta Uvita, Puntarenas | Costa Rica |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Mar 2019

We are bringing in the change that we have been waiting for.

In the past I have been held, nourished, and nurtured in Women’s Circles. I have been missing that feeling of belonging to/in a group of women who are committed to being there for/with each other as we each travel our own paths in life.

I have a number of certificates, diplomas, and life experiences, and feel quite confident to coach, teach, or offer tools to fix. But that is not what being in Circle is about. We are each our own best coaches, teachers, and we ultimately do know how to fix whatever needs improving. Which is why I chose to become a certified Circle facilitator. To gain the skills and confidence to hold that sacred space while each sister in our Circle finds/heals her own voice, gains the courage to speak her truth, and asks for support when she needs it.

I feel my greatest strength is the willingness to be courageous, no matter how scary that may feel. My greatest gift is being an elder sister in our community. I chose not to have children in this lifetime, and now in my 60’s, it is time to pass on my legacy as an elder sister. Being the elder sister in my birth family, I always wished I had had an elder sister.

Now is the time we have been waiting for. It is the time of the rising Divine Feminine. In Circle we have a safe and sacred space to nourish that rising of the Feminine that so many of us have been feeling, exploring, and stepping into.
Together in sisterhood, we are all stronger.

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