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Jen Feltz

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin | United States |

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Sep 2019

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. ~ Rumi

Jen Feltz has worked in the wellness field for over two decades; currently teaching fitness, yoga, and essential oils/aromatherapy classes in the community. Her go-go-go, never-say-no, put-everyone-else-first nature that she once was proud of, lead to burn out. Focusing on self-care was no longer just a popular notion; it became necessary. Along her path, she discovered principles of feminine energy and women’s circles and was inspired to learn more. And more. And more. She has come to embody the belief that you must take care of your needs in order to fully show up in life. Seeing the great benefit of feminine connection has inspired Jen to bring this opportunity to her community. She is not an expert. She is not perfect. She is a beautiful work in progress. And her greatest goal is to inspire other women to see the beauty in themselves right now, while moving gently toward the best version of themselves.

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