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Jill Van Meter

San Diego, California | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Facilitator Tribe
Member Since:
Mar 2020

We are constantly being invited to be who we are.Henry David Thoreau

Jill has a desire to see every woman discover her truest essence. She is a certified coach, an Equine Guided Coach, a Yoga instructor, a licensed acupuncturist, a tarot card reader, a badass cowgirl, a dreamer, a boot lover and a woman who wants to make a difference in this world.

“I grew up feeling that I was either too loud and too much for this world or I would swing to the opposite end of the pendulum and feel too shy to tell anyone how I really felt inside. Being in circle with other sisters has given me a place to be my self. I can be silly and loud and playful and shy and sad and real. I get to be me in front of other women in a space where, not only am I not judged, but I am warmly and lovingly accepted”… Jill Van Meter

From her own powerful experiences as a circle member, Jill creates women’s circles that are supportive, transformative, empowering and fun. She brings all of her former training, her humor and a dash of magical thinking to provide space for other women who are also longing for a place to fully be themselves.

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