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Julianne Rose

St. Petersburg, Florida | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Sep 2019

Julianne Rose is a certified Sistership Circle facilitator, yoga instructor, hypnosis enthusiast, and lifelong anxiety slayer from St. Pete, FL.

In 2016, after a bout of crippling food-related anxiety, Julianne discovered the remarkable power of the mind to control our reality. This realization opened a door to an awareness that could never been unseen and a fascination to uncover why we feel and experience what we do. She became an avid practitioner of hypnosis and mindfulness, testing different techniques to reprogram thought patterns and create more peace in her overactive mind. In 2018, Julianne became a certified yoga instructor to blend her beloved physical + emotional practices together.

One of the most unexpected learnings from her yoga teacher training was the power of intimate connection with other women. Through the practice of group council, she found the voice of her deep inner truth and a natural ability to hold space for other women’s pain and shame. Every council came with a cathartic release, a sense of peace, and genuine love for the women who held space with her. Having felt an absence of this sistership most of her life, she felt called to share this healing practice with other women through Sistership Circle.

Julianne is passionate about guiding people to experience what peace and acceptance truly feels like. In her teaching she shares practical, accessible tools that help people detach from outdated stories, be kinder to themselves, and ultimately become their own best teacher.

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