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Katharina Zurmühl

Berlin, | Germany |

Facilitator Level:
Member Since:
Jan 1970

It is not an option, it is a necessity to gather in circles with intention to honour cycles of life, with commitment to show up fully and be present with what is. To listen to the heartbeat and the silence, together. To support and receive each other. To touch and be touched by life. In gratitude and appreciation to all that walked before and honouring THIS for those coming after! It is a necessity!

Katharina is an authentic fun experience.

After attending a woman circle first time herself, she felt an immens pressure drop off her shoulders, knowing to be surrounded by sisters who support and value her. Immediately she knew, `I want to create that powerful space myself, for the sisters who feel called to join in circle with me´.

She loves creating a sacred and safe space where women can let go off old sh*t, that doesn´t serve any longer or she invites to celebrate themselves for new achievements. Without judgement but with an open mind, ready for healing and transformation she invites everyone to share from their heart. In her circles she will call upon the unseen spirits you bring along, to honour and hold them sacred. Highest value during circle is being non-judgemental, means allowing others to have their own experience.

She is eagerly awaiting you in circle, SiStar!

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