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Katrina Brown

Auburn, California | United States |

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Aug 2018

"I see a finely wrought chain of tempered silver, delicate yet strong, stretching back through time, reaching deep into the earth... A chain of women, each listening to each, being present to her as she waits for her self to be born... Woman after woman after woman, being present, as each finds her voice" Judith Duerk, A Circle of Stones: Woman's Journey to Herself

Katrina is a woman, mother, wife, daughter, friend, therapist, teacher, student, and adventurer on a life journey of connection!

She believes that connection is vital to our well-being and without feeling connected (to others, to ourselves, to our soul’s purpose) we feel low, lonely, irritable, and unfulfilled.

As a licensed psychotherapist, Katrina witnesses how the power of connection supports children, adults, and families as they reclaim their voice, rewrite their story, and recover from trauma.

Katrina is blessed that her journey has led her to discover how sacred circles magnify our ability to connect with other women and our own divine feminine power. She believes that “together in Circle, we connect and create a sacred space. We are seen; we are accepted; we are loved. We lift up; we rise; we transform ourselves, one another, and the world”

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