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Kellee Beck

Alta Loma, CA|*** | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Jun 2020

"No matter what you’ve been through you have the divine goddess given power to heal and determine your unique path forward" Kellee' Michele

Kellee’ Michelle, a much-loved crystal healer and mentor for spiritual growth from Rancho Cucamonga, California, has embarked on her journey as a women’s circle facilitator. A crystal-soul lightworker, she loves to share her gratitude and zest for life with the world.

Kellee’ Michele is known in her community for her huge, loving and heart, and the sacred intuitive gift of creating safe, non-judgmental spaces. This allows her community to fully show up exactly as they are and in whatever emotional state or stage of their own journey, they find themselves in.

She has lived many lives and has overcome numerous challenging experiences. She’s progressed through them all to arrive at a spiritual awakening now dedicating herself to a path of service for energetic healing and personal empowerment.

Throughout her long and, sometimes, very intense path of inner alchemy, Kellee’ Michele always knew that each and every one of the gifts and crystals of wisdom she was harvesting from her pain was meant to touch and uplift the lives of others.

To her, it does not matter whether her stories and experiences support a hundred people or one person. She’s always known deep down in her bones that her path was not designed for her to experience alone, but to help benefit all women who were suffering and unable to see or feel light on their journey of self discovery.

Her personal journey of healing and courageous transformation has empowered her with an extensive collection of tools, practices and insights that she brings to her work with groups and individual clients through crystal healing, CHAKRADANCE, meditation, chakra balancing, and now leading sisters in the sacred space of Women’s Circle.

Kellee’ Michele’s tools of choice are focused on the chakras, movement, sound, crystals, workshops, and several other empowering and helpful practices to use while working alongside women to help guide them on their path to heal their karmic past pains and sufferings.

These tools and practices help reconnect her community to their deepest truth. They learn to harness their inner guidance while bringing forth their unique gifts and wisdom resulting in creating a life they genuinely love.

She believes in the wild and spontaneous dance of life, where divine blessings can truly flow more freely by embracing all of life’s contrasts.

With perseverance and deep trust, she navigates through her journey emerging to share her message of hope, trust in divine timing, and the power of sacred sisterhood. She is passionate about sharing her message of hope and resilience: No matter what you’ve been through you have the divine goddess given power and right to heal and determine your unique path forward.

Whether in Women’s Circle, Crystal Healing, or CHAKRADANCE, Kellee’ Michele will be your mentor for spiritual growth, supporting you with love and compassion, beginning with “self” on your journey of discovery.

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