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Kerryn Barwick

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Facilitator Level:
Master Facilitator
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Feb 2019

Kerryn Barwick – Co-Founder of Couples on a Mission and Sacred Lovers, as well as Founder of Empowering Little People – A conscious leadership and education movement.

Kerryn is on a mission, a souls calling to empower and uncover the deep unconscious patterns continuing the cycles of generations.
She is a gentle yet powerful visionary, inspiring a movement of self awareness and self responsibility, calling individuals to embrace and embody their unique voice and leadership, to create powerful ripples for our children, relationships and communities.

Certified as a Master Neuro Linguistic and Time Line Practitioner, Kerryn is also trained within Meditation and Mindfulness and Early Childhood Development, currently deeply immersed within the teaching and explorations of Tantra, Shadow Work and Trauma for the rising Embodied Feminine. Kerryn believes the key is integration of ALL parts, an embracing of both our light and our shadows, modelling a new way for the healing and empowerment of generations.

Break out Circle:
Rising Together : Healing the wound of true connection and collaboration

Creating balance requires inner union, a union of both masculine and feminine.
We ALL have both masculine and feminine energy, one is not better than the other, often one is more dormant or unconscious than the other.

Feminine power is collaborative, intuitive, empathetic, trusting, surrendering and creative.

We each seek to be fully seen.

When these parts of us have been suppressed or judged, this energy becomes stuck and leaks out in damaging ways.

Together, we will shine a light upon these deeper unconscious patterns and beliefs, that continue these cycles, holding us back from our fullest expression and co-creation as sisters and in life. By acknowledging and embracing these deeper dormant parts of us with respect and love, we open our hearts to deeper connection and expression.

Our inner union reflects in our outer unions.

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