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Kerstin Karlsson

Brandon, Florida | United States |

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Mar 2019

Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. -The Queen, Through the Looking Glass

I am going to share some of my answers to the Desires worksheet to help you get to know me:
My desire for leading circle is Receiving Love and what lights me up most about circle is Unity. My archetype is Mother and when I feel her inside of me she wants Universal Compassion. Having a deep connection with other women would make me feel joyful, complete, honest. My leadership potential looks like connection, healing, listening. A loving and authentic sisterhood would support me in a nurturing and nourishing way.
Just this year I joined a start-up circle in which we have been celebrating the Sabbats together. And just this week, thanks to the encouragement from the mini 4-day, I started a Meetup Circle!
I am a teacher of 20+ years, aunt of 2 lovely girls and 1 handsome boy, and deeply appreciative of art, music, and nature.
In my ‘spare’ time, I enjoy photography, hiking, reading/studying, house-plant gardening, and sharing my space with 3 adorable kitties.

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