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Kim O’Donnell

Coonabarabran, NSW | Australia |

Facilitator Level:
Facilitator Tribe
Member Since:
Mar 2020

We're all hard wired to seek safety, comfort and connection. The power of connection enables us to transcend the illusion that we're separate and alone and enables us to achieve things we never thought were possible.

As the Mother archetype, my passion is to help people feel seen, heard, valued and nurtured.

Connecting with people and sharing deep conversations makes my heart sing. Music and singing are huge parts of my life, as is being outside and creating – whether that’s creating a garden, knitting, sewing or doing a number of other crafts, making up silly songs and dances, cooking or any other number of ways of taking an idea or dream and manifesting it into reality.

Embodying love, compassion and acceptance is what I strive for every day. My daily Kundalini yoga practice and chanting helps me stay connected to who I am, my purpose for being on this planet at this time and the shared consciousness that is beyond our understanding but always here to support us.

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