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Laura Silvina

Los Angeles, CA |

Laura is a longtime educator who began her career teaching in the public school system in both Los Angeles and New York City. Early in her career she was featured in the book Teaching to Change the World (Oakes & Lipton, 2003) and has since become a teacher educator. Laura is passionately interested in contemplative approaches to teaching and learning and has developed a model of holistic and integrative education that has wellbeing at the core.

In addition to her work in education over the past 15 years, Laura has been dedicated to her personal growth and spiritual development. In 2006 she partnered with a personal development company and became a leader, mentor and trainer in their international community. Over the years, she has refined her intuitive coaching abilities and finds joy in supporting others in their own journey of becoming.

Laura has a B.A in Sociology from UC Berkeley, a Masters in Education from UCLA and a Ph.D in Holistic and Integrative Education from NYU.  She works with UCLA’s Teacher Education Program and is a Certified Sistership Circle Facilitator.

It is through her work with women that Laura has truly found her way into what she’s meant to do in the world. She is committed to supporting the process of healing, inspiration and transformation on an individual and collective level and welcomes the opportunity to work with women who feel called into circle. Magic awaits.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that I was here for a reason. I knew I had a purpose. My entire life I searched for ways to contribute to the greater good and fulfill my purpose for being here.

For me, being in circle with women has been the pathway where I have found myself, activated my spiritual gifts and discovered my purpose in life. I feel more free and more me than ever before and wish the same for all women.
The circles I facilitate have a spiritual center and are really for women who know they have a purpose and are deeply committed to their soulful callings. Join us as we hold space for healing, inspiration and transformation on an individual and collective level. You belong here and it’s time to shine your light brighter. See you in circle!”

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