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Leslie Egenberger

Portland, Oregon | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Sep 2019

Women coming together on any level can be Powerful... Women coming together with Intention & Authenticity it is Awe Inspiring and Limitless.

I am the Connector. My joy is finding YOU and connecting you to what your heart yearns for. We all want the same things… Love, Happiness, Belonging and to be Truly Seen, Listened to and Heard. I want to help Create the path that leads to the Tribe you desire, it is what I desire.
I am fortunate to have followed my creativity and love of craftiness into a 20 year working artist career, which has provided me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people while doing what I love; working with my hands making bright and beautiful bits of happiness.
Nature is my place to feel connect to the magic that is all around us. Skiing, hiking, meditating in the Mountains is pure bliss… standing in the center of old growth cedars is near hypnotic, an assurance that I am not alone in this Universe. Sinking my hands into the soil and watching the fruits of my efforts bloom, brings great pleasure and peace to my life.
I am Woo Spiritual… just one Woo for now the other “Woo” may follow as I continue to grow and experience. I believe in the Magic of the Universe and that I / We all have a calling, you just have to listen and be open to it.
This moment in time, Today, my calling is to combine all that I love: Creativity, Nature, Spirituality (Woo), mixing it up in a giant magical cauldron, then sprinkling it over all my Sisters searching for connection back to themselves.
I invite YOU to join me in this Tribe of Sistership, the outcome is sure to me Magic.

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