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Lisa Stromsmoe

Fort St. John, British Columbia | Canada |

Facilitator Level:
Master Facilitator
Member Since:
Sep 2019

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle. ~ Christian D. Larson

Lisa helps women going through loss, career changes and other major life transitions create connected female friendships so that they can clear the slate, be beautifully supported and create a life that lights them on fire.

As one of our Master Circle Facilitators, Lisa joined Sistership Circle in 2018, then holding the desire to create circle in her community for over 3 years. She decided to take the ‘How to Lead Circle’ program and not even a week later her husband ended their marriage. Her separation brought up the pain of losing her mom to cancer at the age of 12 ten-fold. She called on the support of her sisters in circle, where she shared her pain and confusion. She learned tools to become energetically alive and rock-solid in choosing her own adventures. In 2019, Lisa launched Sistership Circle in Fort St. John, BC, Northern Canada and is now supporting other facilitators to step into their feminine leadership.

Some call her an earthbound angel, while others a transition magician. But what Lisa really does is listen deeply to you. She has helped women diminish personal suffering, create healthier relationships and take action on their soul-aligned desires.

You can also find Lisa tromping around in the snow searching for sick powder lines, planning her next over-the-border adventure or reading about wild, mystical sheroes.

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