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Lisa Stromsmoe

Fort St. John, British Columbia | Canada |

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Jan 1970

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle. ~ Christian D. Larson

Lisa is a multi-passionate mama, transformational coach & circle facilitator. She helps women, who’ve been going about it on their own for the sake of not disappointing others, turn total self-sabotage into absolute self-worth. Lisa loves to inquire with curiousity, move with intention, connect deeply with others and the divine, while inviting in possibility, playfulness, compassion & a whole lot of rule-bending!

On the Eve of the New Year that Lisa was to give birth to her baby, she became aware that she’d been working so hard to please others and her actions never felt reciprocated. She had a deep realization that only she could be responsible for her own fulfillment. Along with the growth of Lisa’s baby in her womb, was an awakening of her power to overcome the many challenges in her life by practicing divine self-love and connecting with other women. Lisa knew in her heart that she had to take action.

Lisa dove into a year-long journey with a group of women in circle.

She was nervous as hell and felt like she didn’t have anything to offer.

Yet, Lisa kept showing up.

She knew deep down that sharing with others was the way to find her voice.

Then Lisa would get nervous.

She desired to be supported and inspired by like-minded women.

Then Lisa would get nervous.

She wanted to connect with others and be a part of a community.

Then Lisa would get nervous.

And she kept showing up.

Lisa kept fully participating until the uncomfortable nervousness became the fuel to use her voice.

On that New Year’s Eve, Lisa answered a calling in her heart and took immediate action. Since then, she has connected with and created amazing relationships with women from all over the globe within sacred containers of sisterhood. Every single aspect of Lisa’s life has completely changed.

She no longer feels disconnected or alone.

She fully feels seen, heard and valued.

All others that made Lisa feel any less have removed themselves from her life.

Lisa knows with all her heart and soul that the amazing relationships that she is experiencing today are a result of stepping into circle.

Now it is time for Lisa to offer this gift to other women. She invites you to put down your sword, my sweet sister, as we gather to hold space for one another in the highest regard and leave preconceived judgements behind us.

Circle is a safe space to connect, learn, reflect, share, release, inspire, celebrate, listen, speak, cry, visualize, move, dance, sing if you want to! It is your time to be nurtured and honoured just as you are in this moment.

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