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Luz Mara Sande

Montevideo, Uruguay | Uruguay |

Facilitator Level:
Master Facilitator
Member Since:
Jul 2019

"Descubrir quién eres y cuál es el propósito de tu vida es un proceso de maravillosa introspección no solo sobre "lo visible" de tu historia, sino sobre el mundo invisible del espíritu. No importa en qué momento ni en qué circunstancias, aunque sea lo único o lo último que hagas, no te vayas sin haberlo descubierto". Luz Mara "Discovering who you are and what is the purpose of your life is a wonderful process of self-inquiry, not only into "the visible" part of your history, but into the invisible world of the Spirit. No matter when or under what circumstances you start it, even if it is the only or the last thing you do, do not leave this world without having discovering it". Luz Mara

Consultora, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach IIN, New York), Coach Sistémico, Certified Master Coach en PNL (Dr. Tad James), Master Coach in Weight Loss, Certified Life Coach, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach (Global NLP), Certified Master Practitioner en PNL (Dr. R. Bandler), Master Practitioner en Time Line Therapy© y Master en Hipnosis (Dr. Tad James). Facilitadora de PSYCH-K y The Emotion Code.
Miembro del American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Time Line Therapy® Association

Luz Mara Sande stepped over the line of her 28+ years of corporate experience in branding, marketing, education and hotel management to launch The Women’s Formula. An expression of her true life’s purpose, this community for women is a zero judgment, sacred container for multi-dimensional transformation through self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love and partnership with the divine. Through her signature Circles of Transformation, Luz Mara guides women to connect with the truth of who they are and “live” spirituality in everyday life.

Walking her talk, she has creatively integrated her skills sets earned through her previous careers with her present practice as a spiritual guide, coach and mentor for life and business, NLP Master Practitioner and coach for navigating life’s transitions, as well as weight loss and social and emotional intelligence.

Personally guiding women toward their transformation into their best life, Luz Mara is passionate about helping women live their success from their own personal formulas for freedom.
Through her transformational programs, retreats and international travel that take women on inspirational journeys of new awareness, self-discovery, self-love and renewed faith, Luz Mara celebrates her clients’ personal brilliance and leads a growing community of women who are finally aware that living the life they want is a birthright that they not only deserve but were uniquely born to live.

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