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Mariacatalina Powell

Los Angeles, California | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Jan 2020

People often say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves. (SH)

MariaCatalina Powell is a Loving wife, a proud mother, and a Certified Soul Coach and Angelologist as well as an expressive and intuitive artist with a love for imagination and a passion for creativity. Her calling for being of service and practicing the healing arts intertwined with her spiritual journey is what inspires her passion.

Working with adults and children from around the world and all walks of life has allowed MariaCatalina to broaden her horizons and has helped her realize there is so much more she is able to do as an educator and as a guide. As a soul coach, she carries her knowledge, experience, and wisdom from her 25 years as a Professional Foreign Language Educator to continue following her calling and passion.

Now as the creative mind behind blúmariposa creative soul studios, MariaCatalina has created a safe and magical place for people to explore their souls through personal growth and empowerment while also discovering the fascinating world of Angels.

MariaCatalina’s mission both in the United States as well as Colombia is to create deep transformations in every life she comes across by encouraging and supporting her clients to tap into their inner wisdom, open their wings, and take flight through various workshops, gatherings, and circles offered in both English and Spanish.

MariaCatalina is a professional Foreign Language Educator and is a Certified Facilitator and Practitioner in various fields.

MariaCatalina Powell es una esposa amorosa, una madre orgullosa, un Soul Coach certificado y Angeóloga así como tambien es una persona que practica el arte expresivo e intuitivo y quien siente gran pasion por la imaginacion y la creatividad.
Su llamado a servir al projimo y practicar las artes curativas entrelazadas con su viaje espiritual es lo que inspira su pasión.
Trabajar con adultos y niños de todo el mundo y en todos los ámbitos de la vida le ha permitido a MariaCatalina ampliar sus horizontes y le ha ayudado a darse cuenta de que hay mucho más que puede hacer como educadora y como guía.
Como Soul Coach, ella lleva su conocimiento, experiencia y sabiduría de sus 25 años como Educadora Profesional de Idiomas Extranjeros para continuar siguiendo su vocación y pasión.
Ahora, como la mente creativa detrás de blúmariposa creative soul studios, MariaCatalina ha creado un lugar seguro y mágico para que las personas exploren sus almas a través del crecimiento personal y el empoderamiento, mientras tambien se conectan y conocen el fascinante mundo de los Ángeles.
La misión de MariaCatalina, tanto en los Estados Unidos como en Colombia, es crear transformaciones profundas en cada vida con la que tiene contacto y conoce, alentando y apoyando a sus clientes a aprovechar su sabiduría interna, abrir sus alas y tomar vuelo a través de varios talleres, reuniones y círculos ofrecidos en inglés y español.
MariaCatalina es una educadora profesional de lenguas extranjeras y es una facilitadora y practicante certificada en varias modalidades.

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