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Megan Watson

American Fork, Utah | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Oct 2018

"Our natural state is to feel good and to know happiness." --Carol Tuttle

Megan Zabriskie Watson is a Mother, Wife, Teacher, professional Musician, Mentor to mothers, Women’s Circle Facilitator, and Founder of Mothers’ Healing Circle. Her passion is supporting mothers in healing their birth experiences, embracing the important transition to motherhood, and healing their divine femininity. Megan’s vision is for resilient, strong mothers to heal their own lives emotionally so they can then rise as the healers and teachers, mentors and leaders in their own families and communities.

Through her own journey of healing from a traumatic birth experience and postpartum mood disorders, Megan has gained invaluable tools which she now feels called to share with mothers around the world.

As a Circle Facilitator, Megan is an incredible space-holder, and that energetic space is filled with the most amazing energy of hope and love! Megan’s unique gifts of compassion and intuition help her to understand where each woman in the circle is coming from, allowing her to empower and lift her circle sisters, as she is an incredible facilitator of breakthroughs and growth.

Megan genuinely believes that every woman has the capacity to heal already within herself, and it is her mission to support individuals along their personal healing journey, through the most pivotal processes, transitions, and rites of passage of womanhood.

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