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Rachael Talbot

Wilmslow, UK | United Kingdom |

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Facilitator Tribe
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Sep 2019

Since my earliest years I’ve been passionate about personal growth, about being the best I can possibly be in every aspect of my life. Some early health challenges sent me down the path of first healing myself, and then training first as a chiropractor, and later Network Practitioner and bodyworker. I’ve always been an empath and have hugely developed those skills in the past decade.

My passion for womens work is deep, with my focus on empowering women to be in their own authentic expression and find their way in the world, has always been there, but has found voice in recent years. I’ve sat in womens circles for several years and have trained with some amazing female mentors. I feel very blessed around the women who have come into my life and continue to be there as friends and colleagues.

In the 5 decades I’ve been on this earth, the world has changed so much. From the 70’s where some women in Europe didn’t even have the vote or the right to own property, through the following decades of womens growth and empowerment, we still find ourselves sitting in a society where the feminine qualities are not valued fully. Luckily the role of the feminine is changing and evolving and through my work I’ve been blessed to faciliate so many amazing women on their paths of growth and evolution, and continue to do this through my work and friendship.

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