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Raffaella Bona

Berlin, | Germany |

Facilitator Level:
Level 2 Certified
Member Since:
Oct 2018

When women gather in circle, magic happens. You don't need to believe in magic, you are magic. You need to believe in yourself. Circle will help you achieve that.

Raffaella Bona. Her name means “Goddess who heals”, promoting healing and abundance, while her surname relates to Bona Dea, “Good Goddess” in Latin, a divinity from ancient Roman times associated with women, fertility, chastity, healing and the protection of the people of Rome (Raffaella is Italian by the way). She was a high priestess and an oracle in previous lifetimes, she is now a passionate feminine leader and a circle facilitator, a world and beyond traveler and a retreat host. She offers transformational and experiential circles, playshops and retreats for heart-centered women who want to step into their power and reconnect to their true self, their natural sisters, and their magic gifts to share with the world. She plans wonderful journeys all around the planet, within and beyond, to our source and purpose, through radical love, faith, intuition, creativity and expression. Her circles are magic, empowering, inspiring, and healing.

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