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Rosaisela Casey

Sierra Vista, Arizona | United States |

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Jun 2020

Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future. ------John F. Kennedy

About Rosa:

I am a wife for the 3rd time ( A story for another time) I am the mother of five kids, one biological four adopted, (m)28, (m)26,(f)21, (f)10. I am the step mom of two, (m)21, (m)22. Our family is so divers we believe all lives matter. We have seven dogs two German Shepard’s, two Dachshunds, One Cocker Spaniel, One Pit bull Retriever and one Chihuahua. We also have crazy Rag Doll cat who thinks she is a dog and the new hamster who likes to tease “ALL” the animals when he is in his ball. Let me not for get the fish tank, yes fish, 20 African cichlids who have amazing personalities. Callet the Daniels and Casey little zoo!

So to connect with all of you, my first marriage was an Army Barracks court house adventure. Lasted 10 years when my career was moving forward and my husband decide to give me a choice. I had to choose my Army career or my 6 year old son, he said if you go to Korea you will never see our son, I dropped my paperwork and a year later we got divorced.

My second marriage, 12 years together, he was Mormon (LDS) and I am Roman Catholic, I open my heart to him, all my dark secrets and flaws. He was 10 years younger but yet so mature it was crazy! He promise me that he would love me no matter how broken I was, nothing will ever change his mind.

Though he knew I could no longer have any children he asked me to do Invitro and we lost the babies two different time. That was not in our cards so we decided to adopt. Before we committed I explained to him that being parents will change everything, and it did. He wanted me to be a house wife, not go to college, stop dressing the way I dressed…I strayed and he found out. He asked why and I confessed and explained why.

I came home from a business trip and my kids and all my furniture was gone, I was devastated. I was placed in a behavioral health unit for 14 days after trying to take my life, that was the first attempts of three in one years. That was five years ago, since then I have been helping women understand that it can get better, If I made it anyone can make it if they choose to.

I decided to start leading a circle because I wanted my community to have a place to share and be supported. My best friend Master Reiki Erica Reed and I completed our “Art of leading Circle: Fill , Lead & grow a Woman Circle” to enhance the services we provide to our community . We took the course to learned standardized process, tools and strategies to facilitate our circles.

We have been providing full moon and new moon gatherings for the community for the last year and we felt like the community needed more. Erica and I are excited to start this new journey with our sisters.

*I have been work in as Patient Safety Officer for 11 years.
*Reiki Master since 2007
*Certified Shaman
*Master Shamanic Journeying
*I have obtained my Nine Rites of Munay Ki
*Certified EFT & TFT Practitioner
*I also work as an Integrative Health Practitioner and Herbalist and owner of Desert Rose Essential Herbs, Sierra Vista, AZ since Jan 2018 – Present
*I am an Army disable Veteran and also married to a retired Veteran.
*Masters in Complementary and Alternative Medicine at ACHS, Oregon.

About Erica:

I feel as though I’ve been on this journey for a long time now and just now finding my way in life. Like Rosa, I’ve had a previous marriage that complete darkened my inner light. My natural instinct to help others was completely suppressed and I became someone who was a complete stranger to me. Through the pain of my terrible divorce, I was reborn.

That life experience helped me feel joy and happiness like I’ve never felt before. I started practicing Reiki again and helping countless people in my community. I feel completely alive when I get to help other women clear feelings and emotions they’ve been holding on for years. The wealth of knowledge I’ve soaked up over the last decade I’ve been a Reiki Master I know freely give to others so they too can overcome a dark past.

I’m a mother to a beautiful daughter who is my miracle child. I have since remarried to a man who I know for sure is my soulmate. I work in the health and medicine field.

I have a strong passion for guiding others. I conduct Reiki sessions for my clients, I certify others in Reiki, and teach a productive method of mediation using the techniques of Reiki. I personally love flowers and plants and have big aspersions to grow a gigantic garden one day.

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