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Simone Samuels

Jakarta, | Indonesia |

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Aug 2019

Stay rooted to the ground, stand tall, and follow the sun, like a sunflower.

Since 2012 I have worked with countless women one-on-one and in in-person and online group environments as a holistic health coach. The one thing I notice that all these women crave and desire, is to feel supported and connected.

In my work, I help my clients to learn how to change their old patterns, thoughts, expectations, and choices that have been blocking their life force and which result in feelings of stress, stuck-ness, burnout, adrenal fatigue, depression and experiencing other chronic health issues.

After working with me, my clients know how to harness a new whole way of energy management so that they can truly be unstoppable and can create an impact in the world.

I have felt the calling to lead circles of women for a long time. I have a background in education and teaching, and I have been working as a certified health coach since 2012. While I’ve been undergoing my own awakening, I have continued to study a range of soulful modalities including Reiki, NLP and kinesiology and to use energy tools such as oracle, tarot, crystals and essential oils every day. I am currently studying an advanced year-long astrology course and have being integrating the lunar cycles into my life for about 4 years.

I want to guide women to understand themselves in new ways and to live their life with passion and purpose. I want to show them how to comfortably embrace the feminine way of living and of doing business so that they can be grounded, energised and living in greater flow and harmony.

My mentoring style is very warm and down to earth. I love to encourage and motivate but can play the role of loving bad-ass when it is needed too.

In the past, I lived under the illusion that success is connected to working hard and that pushing through would get me the freedom, satisfaction, and fulfilment I was longing for. I now know that I can manage my energy in a better way.

Implementation of sacred self-care practices have reconnected me to my body, re-ignited the spark in my soul and enlivened my creativity. I want to support other women in finding the same kind of fulfilment, abundance, and vitality.

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