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Stacy Feliciano

Honolulu, Hawaii | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Nov 2016

My favorite and empowering affirmation right now is "I AM JUST AS POWERFUL". I found where I've been giving away my power, and saying this affirmation, helps me to draw back all my energies back to me. When I feel overwhelmed, overpowered, or defeated, saying I AM JUST AS POWERFUL, reconnects me to my life force energy, and I FEEL empowered, and my energy rises above the overwhelm, and other outside energy.

Stacy participated in her first Circle in 2014. At that time in her life she was seeking moreā€¦more connection, deeper relationships, a place to be in her heart, and feel safe. She found that place in Sistership Circle. But the curious, adventurer in her had to see what else was out there.

She went on a year long journey in 2015 with Erickson International, and through this transformative coaching program, received her Erickson Professional Life Coach Certification. She kept going, and started to do what she loved as a little girl, painting and writing, and eventually went on a spiritual journey in 2019 and dedicated most of herself to practicing and studying Buddhism. At the end of 2019, found herself burnt out, disconnected, and lost, as she realized she wasn’t listening to her own heart and inner wisdom.

Stacy realized that she had lost connection to her feminine ways, found her way back to Circle, as a way to receive the support and care, to trust herself and her inner wisdom and intuition. Through the co-creation of circle, she allowed herself to be supported by sisterhood, to open up to her old wounds, healed and transformed her pain to passion. Stacy’s passion is to be part of the movement toward 1 million Circles, she sees the power of feminine softness, gentle strength, intuition, and wisdom. Balancing the masculine and feminine energies within, to be the change she wants to see. She believes that every woman is valuable, and women’s work is valuable, and for society to shift to value women and women’s work, we as women need to value ourselves first, and in circle, we see our value in ourselves and in other women. We support each other to rise and empower.

Stacy loves the structure of Sistership Circle because it allows space for each woman to be seen and heard as their unique self, and allows each participant to receive the medicine that each woman desires.

Stacy is committed to leading women’s circle to develop courage to change and shift the current status of our planet, courage to share truth, and to gather together to support and manifest change, for each woman’s desire for change is reflected outward for the change that she wants to see in this world. As women, we are the heart of what is needed in our world, for our earth, our land, our people, and our growth into the new dimension. The way of the woman is the way that is now needed to build the momentum of the movement that every human heart desires…connection, love, hope for peace, harmony, and happiness.

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