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Stephanie Gundy

Hershey, Pennsylvania | United States |

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Facilitator Tribe
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Sep 2021

Spreading Love and Joy through Ceremony

Hi, I’m Stephanie,

I am a free spirited happy person who loves Love and connecting to the Divine.
I’ve been holding space for others for over two decades and it’s true that we are called to teach what we need most to learn. Self Love and acceptance is a process and takes time!

All of my offerings come from the same place in my heart: Ceremony, Bodywork, and BodyMind Coaching; with the intention of guiding women to see how truly amazing they are. When you love yourself, miracles happen. When you love yourself, you are empowered … and this world needs empowered, embodied, grounded women.

In my free time you will find me practicing yoga and spending time with my handsome feline friend or in my backyard with my very magical koi fish and garden.

Since Circle, life has become quite enchanting and I’m curious how it can change your life too.

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